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Support for the Northern Training Partnership Fund

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Support for the Northern Training Partnership Fund

Ministry of Indigenous Affairs

"This very timely initiative complements the Anishinabek Nation's move towards abolishing poverty, and growing and creating a better quality of life for our citizens as outlined in Our Economic Blueprint. As we embark on greater participation in the energy and resource sectors, be it mining or forestry, the Northern Training Partnership Fund will allow us to broaden that participation in a real and tangible way."
- Grand Council Chief Patrick Wedaseh Madahbee, Union of Ontario Indians

"The announcement of the Northern Training Partnership Fund is something the Red Rock Indian Band is very excited about. The fund will provide opportunities for our Band citizens and is essential for our citizens to have an equal chance at meaningful jobs in the future."
- Chief Pierre Pelletier, Red Rock Indian Band

"The launch of the Northern Training Partnership Fund skills training program is a welcome and valuable initiative for northern communities. This unique partnership will contribute to successful and sustainable resource-related sectors across the region and support economic development in the North."
- Mayor Lynn Peterson, Mayor of Thunder Bay

"I am glad that the Ontario Government has allocated funding for skills training opportunities for Aboriginal people in the North and Northern Ontarians. There are great opportunities coming down the road and I applaud Ontario's foresight. I look forward to working with Ontario in partnership to provide skills training capacity to Aboriginal people in the North to enable them to seize meaningful employment opportunities in the future."
- Rosie Mosquito, Executive Director, Oshki-Pimach-O-Win Education & Training Institute

"The Northern Training Partnership Fund is great news for the North as it builds on the Government of Ontario's successful initiatives such as Second Career to strengthen Northern Ontario's economy by helping Northerners obtain the skills they need for the jobs of the future in the resource and service sectors. For almost 25 years, Contact North has supported Northerners to get the education and training they need without having to leave their community through our network of 94 centres located in small, remote and First Nation communities across Northern Ontario. We look forward to working with our education, government and community partners to continue to support the education and training needs of Northerners."
- Maxim Jean-Louis CEO, Contact North

"The Northern Training Partnership Fund is an excellent start in preparing northerners, especially those from Aboriginal communities, to take their part and benefits from the new economic opportunities emerging in Northern Ontario. For the first time in recent memory the development of the 'Ring of Fire' will lead to new and long lasting employment opportunities. This program will ensure that we have the necessary skills and people in place to take full advantage of the benefits we are going to be seeing."
- Mayor Michael Power, Mayor of the Municipality of Greenstone

"This initiative is a positive step in the right direction, however, program implementation must ensure First Nations access based on their circumstances and need versus the rigid application of inappropriate standards."
- Regional Chief Angus Toulouse, Chiefs of Ontario

"The availability of skilled labour is a vital factor in attracting and retaining resource-related businesses to our communities. The people of Northwestern Ontario, our municipalities and our communities will benefit from this new program because our citizens will be able to access the skill sets and training they need in order to find employment at home."
- Anne Krassilowsky, President of the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association.

"This training investment of $45 million is forward looking. It will better equip local people with the skills necessary to take advantage of new opportunities related to the Ring of Fire area in the Far North and its mineral potential."
- Chris Hodgson, President, Ontario Mining Association President

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