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Statement by Minister Zimmer on Grassy Narrows First Nation

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Statement by Minister Zimmer on Grassy Narrows First Nation

Ministry of Indigenous Affairs

Today, David Zimmer, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, issued the following statement about Grassy Narrows First Nation:

"I am here out of respect for Steve Fobister, a distinguished Elder of the Grassy Narrows First Nation, and out of concern for his health.

I was very happy for the opportunity to have dinner with Steve on Sunday. I heard his concerns about mercury contamination and public health at Grassy Narrows First Nation. His story is a very moving one.

We had a good and frank discussion and Steve asked me to tell him again today what I told him in person over dinner when I heard his story.

I want to begin by acknowledging the profound suffering of the people of Grassy Narrows First Nation, including Steve Fobister, as a result of the mercury contamination.

I showed him the letter that my fellow Ministers Bill Mauro and Michael Gravelle and I sent last week to Chief Roger Fobister expressing our strong desire to work together with the Chief-and-Council and community. I told him about my visit to Grassy Narrows planned for August 6.

One way that my fellow Ministers and I will to work with Grassy Narrows First Nation is to champion a review of the Mercury Disability Board, to determine how best to help those with mercury-related health issues.

I will personally work to get the approval of the Wabaseemoong First Nation and the federal government to conduct such a review. They are the other parties to the Mercury Disability Board and they will need to agree to any reforms.

I made a specific commitment to Steve Fobister that this review will look at the level of the current benefits provided by the board.

I also heard how important he believes a treatment centre devoted to mercury-related illness would be in the Grassy Narrows community.

I agreed the government would explore the options for more on-site treatment for Grassy Narrows First Nation residents.

I am deeply concerned about Steve Fobister's health and hope that he finds reassurance in the Government of Ontario's commitment to working with his community."

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