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Eco challenge fund helps municipalities go green

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Eco challenge fund helps municipalities go green

Ontario is committed to supporting its municipalities in their efforts to renew infrastructure. The Municipal Eco Challenge Fund is a $20-million grant program dedicated to municipal infrastructure projects that reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

  • The fund is a component of the government's Go Green climate change plan which calls for GHG reductions of six per cent below 1990 levels by 2014; 15 per cent below 1990 by 2020; 80 per cent below 1990 by 2050.

The Opportunity for Municipalities:

From sports complexes and community centres to town halls and water treatment plants, Ontario's municipalities are responsible for maintaining - and paying for - a great deal of infrastructure.

Municipalities spend nearly a billion dollars a year on energy costs - and have a large impact on the environment. Electricity consumption, from municipal operations alone, causes at least 1.5 million tonnes (1.5 billion kilograms) of carbon dioxide emissions a year.

How It Works:

The Municipal Eco Challenge Fund has two important components: municipal capacity building programs and infrastructure grants:

  • Infrastructure Grants ($14 million): including $10 million for proven and low risk projects that provide a strong probability of payback in a reasonable timeframe and $4 million for innovative projects that will highlight - and move forward - effective new approaches and technologies.
  • Municipal Capacity Building ($6 million): The government is working in partnership with the Association of Municipalities' Local Authority Services Ltd. and the Canada Green Building Council to provide municipalities with training, technical support, and a best-practices network for identifying opportunities to reduce GHG emissions.

Applications Submissions

Application guidelines and forms are available on the Ministry of Energy and Intfrastructure website.



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