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The Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program Homeownership Component

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The Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program Homeownership Component

The Government of Ontario has increased from $62,600 to $75,800 the maximum amount a household can earn to be eligible to receive interest-free down- payment assistance loans under Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Homeownership Program. In addition, the maximum price of homes eligible for purchase through the program has risen to reflect average market selling prices.

Under the AHP, every region in Ontario has been allocated a specific amount of funding to assist low to moderate-income rental households to purchase affordable homes by providing interest-free down payment assistance loans. Municipalities may establish their own maximum house price and household income limits provided it is consistent with the program requirements. You may consult the list of maximum house prices and the list of income limit by municipality.

An Interest-free Loan

  • The AHP loan is for a period of 20 years. During this period, no interest shall be charged on the loan.
  • The unit must remain the sole and principal residence of the applicant for the entire 20-year period. It may not be leased to another party.
  • The home can be new or resale. It may have a selling price at or below the maximum selling price set for your municipality. The home must be modest in size, relative to community standards. 



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