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Improved energy efficiency standards for new homes

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Improved energy efficiency standards for new homes

McGuinty Government’s new Building Code requirement takes effect

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Ontario is ensuring new homes in the province are more energy efficient with a new requirement under the Building Code.

Effective tomorrow, Ontario's Building Code will require near full-height insulation on foundation walls in all new home construction. The basement insulation requirement is the second step in a three-phase approach to energy efficiency brought in with the introduction of the 2006 Building Code.

After 2011, further requirements will see houses with at least an EnerGuide 80 level of efficiency. EnerGuide 80 is a model energy rating system for houses developed and administered by Natural Resources Canada.

Quick Facts

  • A typical new house constructed under a building permit applied for after December 31, 2008 will be 28 per cent more energy efficient than one built under the 1997 Building Code.
  • Energy efficient measures in the 2006 Building Code include more energy efficient windows, higher insulation levels in ceilings, walls and foundation walls, and high-efficiency gas and propane-fired furnaces.

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“Our new insulation requirement will ensure Ontario remains a leader in energy efficiency in new home construction. It will support the building of cleaner, greener communities.”

Jim Watson

Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing

“The Ontario Home Builders’ Association recognizes the growing importance of energy efficiency in today’s new home marketplace. OHBA has worked with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing to ensure resources are available to assist builders and design professionals to meet the new requirements.”

Frank Giannone

President, Ontario Home Builders’ Association

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