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Helping Families In Need

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Helping Families In Need

Ontario is doing more to support low-income families facing challenging economic times.

The McGuinty government is planning to increase its investment in social and affordable housing to create short-term jobs in construction and renovation while improving the lives of people of low-income families.

Working with the federal government, Ontario would renovate 50,000 social housing units and build 4,500 new affordable housing units through a joint investment of $1.2 billion. Ontario's portion of the investment over the next two years includes:

  • $352 million to repair social housing units and make them more energy efficient
  • $185 million to create new affordable housing for low-income seniors and persons with disabilities
  • $87.5 million to extend the Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program.

The government is proposing to increase the Ontario Child Benefit from $600 to a maximum of $1,100 per child per year this July. The Ontario Child Benefit helps 1.3 million children by giving moms and dads monthly support.

Quick Facts

  • The province is planning to make permanent the $5 million Ontario Rent Bank to help keep low income Ontarians in their homes. Since 2004, the Rent Bank has prevented 15,500 evictions.
  • Ottawa has received $2.3 million in Rent Bank funding, which has prevented over 1,300 evictions.
  • The funding for renovation and repair will create 23,000 jobs province-wide over the course of the program.

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“These major new initiatives are a significant step toward our goal of helping Ontario families right now and reaching our long-term goal of reducing poverty in Ontario.”

Dalton McGuinty

Premier of Ontario

“By investing in our families and building affordable housing in the province of Ontario, we are building stronger communities.”

Jim Watson

Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing



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