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Interns' Program Gets A Boost

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Interns' Program Gets A Boost

McGuinty Government Promotes Careers In Municipal Sector

Ontario is helping more young professionals start careers in municipal government by increasing support for the Municipal Internship Program.

The province is investing $125,000 to support five interns in 2009-2010, up from previous year's funding of $100,000. Provincial funding covers 50 per cent of five interns' salaries while host municipalities fund the remaining 50 per cent. The City of London, a host municipality last year, is participating in the program once again and is committing to pay the full cost of its intern's salary for 2009-2010.

The following are the 2009-2010 interns and their respective host municipalities:

  • Jessica Auger-Beaulieu - City of Thunder Bay
  • Karen Graham - Municipality of North Huron
  • Amanda Gubbels - City of Burlington
  • Curtiss Law - City of Brockville
  • Kuthula Matshazi - City of Kitchener
  • Eamon O'Flynn - City of London

The program aims to attract young graduates of Ontario universities to careers in the municipal sector and is a partnership between the province and the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks, and Treasurers of Ontario (AMCTO).

Quick Facts

  • The Municipal Internship Program is administered by AMCTO with active support from MAH staff, the University of Western Ontario, Seneca College and the Ontario Municipal Administrators Association.
  • At the end of 2007-2008, the first year of the program, three interns out of six were offered mid-and senior-level municipal management positions. Two others were hired by provincial public agencies serving the municipal sector. One chose to pursue further studies in Public Administration.

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“The Municipal Internship Program helps professional young people with careers in the municipal sector and assists municipalities with succession planning.”

Jim Watson

Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing

“The interns develop a heightened awareness of how local government functions and their host municipalities gain from their work and the fresh perspectives they bring to the workplace.”

Ray Callery

AMCTO President

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