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Proposed Municipal Reforms

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Proposed Municipal Reforms

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

A bill introduced in the Ontario Legislature today would, if passed, make changes to the City of Toronto Act, 2006, the Municipal Act, 2001 and the Planning Act.

The City of Toronto Act requires a review two years after its proclamation.  Provincial officials, in conjunction with city staff, this year conducted and completed a review.  Stakeholders and the general public were consulted as part of the review.

The Toronto legislation, enacted on January 1, 2007, set out a permissive legislative framework for the city and gave it tools commensurate with its size, responsibilities and significance.  Amendments to the Municipal Act in 2007 enhanced the broad powers of Ontario municipalities while amendments to the Planning Act provided Toronto and other municipalities with broader local autonomy.

Proposed Reforms

Among the changes the government is proposing are amendments to the City of Toronto Act, the Municipal Act and the Planning Act that would:

  • provide additional authority for Toronto to require and govern alternatives to green roofs
  • provide Committees of Adjustment with the ability to authorize variances from zoning by-laws that have been passed but that are not yet in effect.

To learn more about the proposed reforms see Schedule 21 of the proposed Good Government Act.

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