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What people are saying about Building Foundations: Building Futures

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What people are saying about Building Foundations: Building Futures

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

"The Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy is an important moment in the history of affordable housing in Ontario. In its strategy the government has recognized the strength and contributions that community-based non-profit housing providers make in helping Ontarians to meet their housing needs. We look forward to working with the government in implementing the strategy."

- Keith Ward, President, Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association

"OHBA and our 29 local associations across Ontario share the government's interest in ensuring an adequate supply of affordable housing. OHBA supports allowing greater flexibility for home owners as well as new home builders to include a secondary rental apartment in homes across Ontario. This measure will increase the supply of low-cost affordable rental opportunities for Ontarians."
- Bob Finnigan, President, Ontario Home Builders' Association

"Consolidating existing funding portfolios will provide opportunities for communities to develop innovative solutions that can ensure stronger outcomes for the unique needs of the people they serve. This new funding flexibility will assist communities to deliver high impact investments that maximize the resources available."
- Paul Johnson, Director, Neighbourhood Development Strategies, City of Hamilton

"Ontario's affordable housing strategy is a positive step towards the key conclusions of the Joint Provincial and Municipal Fiscal and Service Delivery Review of 2008. Specifically, it focuses on getting better results, providing greater flexibility for municipalities to create local solutions, and simplifying access for people in need. The Ontario government and municipalities must continue to work together, along with the federal government, to provide housing initiatives that are affordable, accessible and effective."
- Peter Hume, President, Association of Municipalities of Ontario

"This strategy articulates the Province's recognition of the importance of strong partnership and collaboration with municipalities in the area of housing. We look forward to continuing to work with the Province on all the elements that will make this strategy -- including the groundbreaking move to begin to consolidate housing and homelessness programs so as to better serve Ontarians -- a success."
- David Rennie, President, Ontario Municipal Social Services Association

"The reform on rent-geared-to-income rules brings Ontario and its municipalities into the 21st century. Tenants will no longer be penalized for taking an extra shift at work or for receiving a modest raise with a corresponding rent increase the next month. A modern, efficient calculation method will empower tenants and allow municipalities to re-direct money from administration to initiatives that support people and the buildings they live in."
- John Stapleton, Metcalf Foundation

"Ontario's new strategy recognizes the Social Housing Services Corporation's success over the past eight years in delivering province-wide programs that are innovative and cost effective. The strategy calls on the Social Housing Services Corporation to use its unique position to provide leadership, resources and a voice for its three key pillars: the sustainability of communities, improving the quality of life for residents, and the preservation of housing as an asset. We applaud the clear link the strategy makes between housing and the needs of the people who live in it, which is an important step in addressing poverty and homelessness in Ontario."
- Roger Maloney, Chair, Social Housing Services Corporation

"We have called on the McGuinty government to make a renewed commitment to community-based affordable housing a cornerstone of its Affordable Housing Strategy. A number of the planned changes to the Social Housing Reform Act will strengthen the role of housing providers and reinforce community control. This is very good news for housing co-ops. The government deserves a lot of credit for listening."
- Barb Millsap, President, Ontario Council, Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada

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