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Municipality of Kincardine Councillor Receives Long-Standing Service Award

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Municipality of Kincardine Councillor Receives Long-Standing Service Award

McGuinty Government Honours Municipal Official

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Councillor Ronald Hewitt of the Municipality of Kincardine is the recipient of a 25-year Long-Standing Service Award from the Province of Ontario.

Hewitt started his career in 1980 as Councillor of the Township of Kincardine, before it was amalgamated. His early years helped establish the leadership required to build a new municipality out of four former towns and townships.

As a councillor, Ron's commitment to the annual budget and fiscal responsibility to the public are among his many strengths. His 25th year of dedicated service to the community was in 2009.

Quick Facts

  • Long-Standing Service Awards are given to municipally-elected officials with at least 25 years of service. The program was introduced by the Ontario government in 2004.
  • Municipally-elected officials with 50 years of service are recognized with a similar award first introduced in 2006.
  • Service does not have to be consecutive or with the same municipality for these awards.

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“The Long-Standing Service Award is a fitting tribute to recognize the hard work and commitment of our locally elected officials. I would like to thank Councillor Hewitt for his ongoing dedication to public service.”

Rick Bartolucci

Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing

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