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Land Use Planning and Development Charges Review

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Land Use Planning and Development Charges Review

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Over the next several weeks, the Ontario government will be holding workshops across the province. 

The workshops will collect ideas from participants on making the land use planning and appeals system and the development charges system more effective to ensure they support local and provincial objectives while securing sustainable financing for new development. The goal is to ensure the systems are predictable, transparent, cost-effective and responsive to the changing needs of Ontario's communities.

Discussion papers on land use planning and development charges are available at ontario.ca/landuseplanning, where interested individuals can also provide their feedback and suggestions.

Feedback is being requested on:

  • how to improve the province's land use planning system, including what can be appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB)
  • accountability and transparency measures for development charges and other tools that exchange community benefits for increased density, such as parkland dedication and section 37 benefits (i.e., community infrastructure investments).

Specific issues related to land use planning and development not within the scope of this review are:

  • eliminating or changing the OMB's operations, practices and procedures
  • removing or restricting the provincial government's approval role and ability to intervene in planning matters
  • removing municipal flexibility in addressing local priorities
  • changing the "growth pays for growth" principle of development charges
  • education development charges and the development charges appeal system
  • creating additional fees and/or taxes
  • matters involving other legislation, unless minor housekeeping changes are needed.

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