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Statement from Minister on Federal Funding for Affordable Housing

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Statement from Minister on Federal Funding for Affordable Housing

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Linda Jeffrey, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, issued the following statement today regarding federal funding for affordable and social housing:  

"We need a national housing plan -- one that includes the creation of new affordable housing opportunities and maintains our existing social housing units.

In its 2013 Budget, the federal government announced a five-year renewal of the Investment in Affordable Housing program to invest in new affordable housing projects. While we welcomed the announcement, federal funding for existing social housing units will decline from almost half a billion dollars a year for Ontario to zero by 2033. Some have already lost their funding, and many more will in the next few years. Without sustained federal funding, facilities deteriorate, necessary repairs and improvements cease and the current number of rent-geared-to-income tenancies cannot be sustained.

As demand for social housing grows, abandoning funding support for existing social housing is unacceptable.  When individuals and families have a home to call their own, they have improved health, education and employment prospects. Social and affordable housing projects are essential components of a strong overall housing system.

We urge the federal government to return to the table as a long-term housing funding partner."

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