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Guiding Sustainable Prosperity in Northern and Rural Areas

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Guiding Sustainable Prosperity in Northern and Rural Areas

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

The Provincial Policy Statement 2014 (PPS 2014) increases the flexibility northern and rural communities have in applying good land use planning principles.

The PPS 2014 recognizes the distinctiveness of northern and rural communities and their importance to the provincial economy and our overall quality of life by:

  • Adding a new section of rural policies to support healthy, integrated and viable rural areas
  • Clarifying the types of uses permitted on rural lands, such as resource-based recreational uses and home-based businesses
  • Providing greater flexibility for agriculture-related uses and making clear the wide range of economic opportunities allowed on farms
  • Making clear that the studies needed to support the expansion of settlement areas or the conversion of employment areas to other uses do not need to be as complex as those needed to support bigger projects in urban communities
  • Allowing additional development that will be dependent on septic tanks and wells in areas where sewer and water services are not available, if it can be shown there will be no negative impacts on surface and ground water
  • Clarifying that municipalities can determine the appropriate locations for intensification and redevelopment, based on the services available or planned
  • Making clear which policies are flexible to address regional differences and local context, such as size and diversity of settlement areas; and clarifying that development may occur in communities experiencing slow or no growth
  • Directing development away from areas with a high potential for wildfires unless the risk to developments and residents can be reduced.

Special northern and rural primers are being developed to help land use planning decision-makers in those communities apply the policies of the PPS 2014.

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