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New Land Use Planning Policies Released

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New Land Use Planning Policies Released

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Today, Ontario released the Provincial Policy Statement 2014. This is the government's consolidated policies for growth and development in Ontario's communities -- providing for consistency and better, smarter planning across the province, while giving municipalities flexibility to ensure their plans meet their unique needs.

Different regions of the province face different challenges and the Provincial Policy Statement 2014 offers greater flexibility in how policies are applied in northern and rural communities to help them continue to prosper. 

The policy statement:

  • Recognizes rural and northern Ontario as distinctive communities with specific planning needs. 
  • Emphasizes the importance of active transportation (e.g., cycling) and transit to healthy, active communities. 
  • Recognizes the importance of our Great Lakes by protecting coastal wetlands. 
  • Allows for a greater range of economic uses on farms, such as farm tourism and home-based businesses.

Quick Facts

  • The Provincial Policy Statement 2014 comes into effect April 30, 2014 and replaces the Provincial Policy Statement 2005.
  • At least 15 ministries worked collaboratively, and extensive consultations were held with municipalities and stakeholders to develop the new Provincial Policy Statement.
  • The PPS 2014 builds on the policies of the 2005 Provincial Policy Statement.

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“This updated Provincial Policy Statement provides a path our communities need to unlock their economic potential. We have listened to the concerns of rural and northern Ontario by recognizing their distinctive nature.”

Linda Jeffrey

Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing

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