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Provincial Policy Statement, 2020 Overview


Provincial Policy Statement, 2020 Overview

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

The Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) establishes province-wide standards for how we use land and resources and guides decision-making on key land use issues across Ontario. These initiatives will help Ontario deal with the affordable housing crisis that has been created over the past 15 years.

The release of Provincial Policy Statement, 2020 is part of the government's plan to build healthier, safer communities, make life more affordable and create a more competitive business environment. It does this while continuing to protect the environment, including the Greenbelt, for future generations. The PPS, 2020 has new policies across five themes.

1. Increasing Housing Supply and Mix

  • Make more land available for housing to help people find homes close to where they work.
  • Give clear direction to municipalities to plan for the right range and mix of housing to meet local needs.
  • Give greater certainty to home builders to encourage more housing.
  • Give municipalities greater flexibility and control over local planning decisions, including settlement area boundary expansions and rural residential development that is appropriate for the community.

2. Protecting the Environment and Public Safety

  • Enhance stormwater management and climate change policies while continuing to protect important natural features like wetlands, wildlife habitat and the Greenbelt.
  • Ensure municipalities plan and prepare for the impacts of a changing climate.
  • Make policies clearer for development, while keeping policies in place that direct development away from hazardous areas, such as those prone to floods.

3. Reducing Barriers and Costs

  • Make it easier for municipalities to encourage business investment by reducing the number of studies needed to approve smaller projects.
  • Give municipalities more flexibility and control over local planning decisions to meet the economic needs of their communities.

4. Supporting Rural, Northern and Indigenous Communities

  • Give northern and rural communities more flexibility to support appropriate development in areas without full municipal sewer/water services.
  • Enhance municipal engagement with Indigenous communities on land use planning matters, cultural heritage and archeological matters.
  • Maintain the protection of prime agricultural lands to support critical food production and the agricultural sector as a significant economic driver.

5. Supporting Certainty and Economic Growth

  • Protect existing employment areas, like manufacturing and warehousing, so jobs are not lost.
  • Better protect manufacturing and industrial facilities where non-employment uses, like residential, are planned nearby.
  • Encourage local planning authorities to identify strategic sites for investment and address any barriers to investment.
  • Give municipalities greater control over employment area conversions to support local development and job creation that suits local needs.

The Provincial Policy Statement, 2020 comes into effect on May 1, 2020.

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