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McGuinty Government Acts To Strengthen Ontario's Mineral Industry

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McGuinty Government Acts To Strengthen Ontario's Mineral Industry

TORONTO - As part of its commitment to building a strong and prosperous economy, the McGuinty government has named the members of the Ontario Mineral Industry Cluster Council (OMICC), Northern Development and Mines Minister Rick Bartolucci announced today.

"I am thrilled that these outstanding individuals have committed their valuable time and expertise to advance the mineral industry cluster," said Bartolucci. "Each member is well-established in their field and has a reputation for carrying forward the greater good of the community."

A cluster is a geographically connected group of inter-related industries and institutions that compete but also cooperate. Clusters have been shown to create wealth and attract investment. The OMICC's mandate is to foster a sustainable and rising standard of living from Ontario's mineral industry and bring together industry and organizations to win more prosperity for communities.

"The mineral industry cluster offers a significant opportunity to leverage mineral wealth in creating sustainable growth for communities and making Ontario one of the best places in the world to make investments," said OMICC co-chair Warren Holmes.

"When resources get mined out, what will these communities do? A cluster pulls knowledge and experience into goods and services providing a foundation for sustainable growth," said co-chair George Pirie.

The OMICC will meet regularly to gather the insights and views of stakeholders and identify opportunities to enhance competitiveness, innovation, and investment in Ontario's mineral cluster. It will report its findings to the Minister of Northern Development and Mines. As one of its first tasks, the minister has asked the council to examine ways to create or attract more high quality jobs to the North through mining-related, value-added activities, such as exploration and development of the next generation of very deep mines, and new innovative technology developments in production, milling, smelting, refining and rehabilitation.

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