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McGuinty Government Investment Focuses On Expanding Fish Farming In Ontario

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McGuinty Government Investment Focuses On Expanding Fish Farming In Ontario

TORONTO - The McGuinty government is helping to expand fish farming opportunities with an investment of $80,000 to test technology that could help create new jobs in Ontario's fish farming industry, Algoma-Manitoulin MPP Mike Brown announced today on behalf of Northern Development and Mines Minister and Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) Chair Rick Bartolucci.

"Fish farming contributes significantly to the economy of Northern Ontario," Brown said. "I'm very pleased that our government is working with the private sector to further develop this industry's potential."

Improving the design and practicality of cages used to rear fingerlings on fish farms could bring substantial benefits to the North. The new design may improve production and lower costs while addressing environmental and recreational concerns.

"This project will contribute valuable information, as cage farming is the segment of the industry with the most growth potential," said Agriculture and Food Minister Steve Peters. "I'm delighted that the Ontario government is investing in the development of technology to support the aquaculture industry."

Project partners include Open Water Systems of Little Current, Kropf Industrial Inc. of Parry Sound and the LaCloche Manitoulin Business Assistance Corporation. The effectiveness of this new submersible cage system will be tested off Manitoulin Island in areas of high waves and strong currents.

"Research and development of new techniques in growing sectors such as aquaculture are vital in the North," said Bartolucci. "They help create new opportunities for economic activity throughout the region."

The McGuinty government is returning the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund to its original mandate of fostering private sector job creation. The NOHFC is working in partnership with the private sector and other levels of government to diversify the northern economy and stimulate job growth. It is an essential part of the government's commitment to delivering a four-year plan for positive change across Northern Ontario.

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