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McGuinty Government Invests $256 Million In Northern Highways

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McGuinty Government Invests $256 Million In Northern Highways

Northern Development and Mines Minister Rick Bartolucci today unveiled the details of this year's $256-million Northern Highways Program.

Investments in the northern highway network are part of the McGuinty government's plan to bring prosperity to Northern Ontario. The government will also develop and implement a Northern Ontario Highways Strategy to comprehensively improve northern highways and begin or continue construction of vital new highway links to major communities in the northeast and northwest.

Major new rehabilitation projects in Northeastern Ontario include:

  • Rehabilitation of the Poplar Rapids Bridge on Highway 11 west of Smooth Rock Falls;
  • Resurfacing of nine kilometres of Highway 144 beginning approximately 23 kilometres north of the Highway 560 intersection;
  • Resurfacing of 20 kilometres of Highway 144 beginning about 10 kilometres south of the Highway 560 intersection;
  • Resurfacing of 15 kilometres of Highway 11 beginning about 24 kilometres west of Highway 631;
  • Resurfacing of 11 kilometres of Highway 11 from the Highway 11B junction in Timiskaming Shores north to Highway 569;
  • Resurfacing of 26 kilometres of Highway 118 beginning about four kilometers east of Highway 11;
  • Resurfacing of 39 kilometres of Highway 17 from Hagar westerly to the east junction of Sudbury Regional Road 55;
  • Reconstruction of 13 kilometres of Highway 655 approximately 35 kilometres north of Highway 101;
  • Resurfacing of 24 kilometres of Highway 63 from Highway 533 to the Quebec border;
  • Reconstruction of four kilometres of Highway 518 beginning about four kilometres east of Highway 69;
  • Resurfacing of ten kilometres of Highway 11 beginning about 25 kilometres north of the North Bay city limits;
  • Reconstruction of 32 kilometres of Highway 631 from Becker Road in Hornepayne north to the Nagagamisis Narrows Bridge;
  • Rehabilitation of the Montreal River (Aubrey Cousins Memorial) Bridge at Latchford on Highway 11;
  • Resurfacing of ten kilometres of Highway 69 from Highway 637 north to Highway 537;Reconstruction of 22 kilometres of Highway 101 from the Shawmere River Bridge westerly;
  • Resurfacing of the intersections on the North Bay Bypass;
  • Replacement of the Dog Lake Narrows Bridge on Highway 651 at Missinabie;
  • Replacement of the McKellar Creek culvert on Highway 124; and
  • Resurfacing of six kilometres of Highway 7182 (Shebeshekong Road) from Shawanaga First Nation to Highway 69.

Three projects on Highway 69 fall under that highway's enhanced safety initiative:

  • Addition of paved shoulders along Highway 69 from Highway 526 northerly for 25 kilometres and from Highway 637 northerly for eight kilometres;
  • Construction of two truck lay-by stations on Highway 69 about three kilometres north of Highway 141; and
  • Installation of five changeable message signs on Highway 69 from Highway 141 to Sudbury.

Major construction projects carrying over from previous years include:

  • A ten-kilometre four-laning project on Highway 11 from Trout Creek to South River;
  • A six-kilometre four-laning project on Highway 11 from Katrine to Emsdale ;
  • A 16-kilometre four-laning project on Highway 17 through Garden River First Nation, east of Sault Ste. Marie;
  • Completion of resurfacing of the Highway 17 Sudbury Southwest Bypass;
  • Completion of resurfacing of Highway 17 from Blind River to Iron Bridge;
  • Completion of reconstruction of Highway 17 and the Serpent River Bridge, east of the Elliot Lake, Highway 108 turnoff;
  • Completion of the new bridge on Highway 64 at the Northwest Bay of Lake Nipissing at Lavigne;
  • Completion of the replacement of the East Driftwood River and Moose Creek bridges on Highway 101 east of Timmins;
  • Completion of rehabilitation of the Blind River Bridge, on Highway 557 north of Blind River;
  • Continuation of the rehabilitation of the Missinaibi River Bridge at Mattice; and
  • Continuation of construction of the new bridge at the Frederickhouse River on Highway 101 east of Timmins.

In November 2003, the McGuinty government entered into a joint federal-provincial Strategic Highway Infrastructure Program (SHIP) agreement. SHIP paves the way for new investments on a number of provincial highways including the Highway 69 corridor and is clearly a step forward for several key northern highway priorities. The following six projects are funded under the SHIP agreement, with work expected to get underway this year:

  • Construction of an interchange overpass on Highway 69 at Muskoka Road 32/38;
  • Four-lane construction of eight kilometres of Highway 69 from about three kilometres north of Muskoka Road 32 north to MacTier;Four-lane construction of six kilometres of Highway 69 from the Seguin River Bridge north to Nobel;
  • Four-lane construction of two kilometres of Highway 69 on new alignment near the end of the existing four-lane highway south of Sudbury. This project will include the construction of three new structures;
  • Four-lane construction of a half-kilometre on Highway 69 on new alignment including a new structure over the Old Wanup Road; and
  • Four-lane construction of seven kilometres of Highway 17 on new alignment east of Sault Ste. Marie from the Garden River First Nation to Bar River Road.