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McGuinty Government Investments Link Remote Communities

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McGuinty Government Investments Link Remote Communities

Construction Begins On Winter Roads In Ontario's Far North

SUDBURY - Construction of nearly 2,940 kilometres of winter roads to connect remote communities in the province's Far North is underway with the help of an Ontario government investment, Northern Development and Mines Minister Rick Bartolucci announced today.

"The economic and social importance of the winter roads to isolated northern communities that are accessible only by air during other times of the year cannot be overstated," said Bartolucci. "We appreciate that our government's contribution to the Far North's winter roads network is critical for lowering transportation costs and providing alternative access during the winter."
In November, the minister announced that the McGuinty government had committed $3.5 million for this winter's seasonal roads network, enabling 21 First Nations organizations and the Town of Moosonee to build 2,940 kilometres of seasonal roads. 

The roads are built over frozen ground and waterways to connect communities in the Far North to the province's permanent highway and rail systems. Weather permitting, the winter roads are in use from freeze up until late March. In most cases, the communities cost-share and manage the construction. Since 2003, investments in infrastructure, postsecondary education, research and innovation and key economic sectors have helped strengthen Ontario's economic foundations and continue to build opportunity.

Information on winter roads conditions is available from each community. A list of road construction projects is attached, and a map of the winter road network and community contacts may be found at: http://www.mndm.gov.on.ca/mndm/nordev/wroads/default_e.asp

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