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Sudbury Area Lodge Adopts Clean, Quiet Solar Power

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Sudbury Area Lodge Adopts Clean, Quiet Solar Power

Ontario Encourages Renewable Energy Generation And Conservation

SUDBURY - A Sudbury area tourist lodge will benefit from an Ontario government program that encourages businesses and non-profit organizations in the North to conserve and use alternate sources of energy, Northern Development and Mines Minister Rick Bartolucci announced today.

"Renewable energy sources, such as solar power, are proving to be viable options for small northern businesses," Bartolucci said. "I am pleased that our government is promoting alternative energy technologies in the North, where many tourism camp operators, for example, have had little choice until recently but to rely on fossil-fuelled generators."

The province is providing $8,336 to Kukagami Lodge east of Sudbury to buy and install a solar power system that will help reduce dependency on the lodge's gas-powered generator. Funding is provided through the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation's (NOHFC) Small Business Energy Conservation Program.

"In 2004, tourism in Northern Ontario contributed $1.7 billion to the province's economy," said Bartolucci, who also chairs the NOHFC. "Our government is striving to create the economic environment that will help the industry achieve its considerable potential across the North."

Other energy-use initiatives by the McGuinty government include:

•    Introducing a new NOHFC Northern Energy Program to help private and public sector partners pursue clean renewable energy generation capacity to reduce their demand on external energy sources or to produce energy for sale to the electrical grid

•    Setting a goal to reduce Ontario's growth in peak electricity demand by five per cent by the end of 2007, and to reduce consumption in government operations by 10 per cent.

•    Encouraging more Ontarians to consider solar installations by providing a provincial sales tax rebate on all solar equipment sold in Ontario.

The Northern Prosperity Plan is an important component of the government's plan for building stronger northern communities. The Northern Prosperity Plan has four pillars: Strengthening the North and its Communities; Listening to and Serving Northerners Better; Competing Globally; and Providing Opportunities for All.

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