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Province Helps Farm Go Green

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Province Helps Farm Go Green

McGuinty Government Supports Clean Energy Sources

A Chapple Township farm is adopting solar and wind power technologies to cut energy costs and safeguard the environment.

The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) has invested $29,775 to help the Elvin Taylor farm in Barwick install solar panels and a wind generator tower to replace a diesel generator. This will reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and eliminate harmful exhausts.

Funding is provided through the NOHFC's Northern Energy Program.

Quick Facts

  • Solar panels collect solar radiation from the sun and convert that energy to electricity. The solar cell on these solar panels make use of the small fraction of the sun’s energy that passes through the earth’s atmosphere and strikes the cells on the solar collector.
  • Wind energy uses the wind to generate mechanical power or electricity.
  • Renewable energy generation can provide homes, businesses and communities with their total power requirements, supplemental or back up power.

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“Our government is committed to helping Northern Ontario businesses develop and tap clean energy sources. The farming industry plays an important economic role in Northwestern Ontario and will benefit greatly from these emerging technologies.”

Michael Gravelle

Minister of Northern Development and Mines



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