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Ontario Leading And Achieving On Energy Conservation

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Ontario Leading And Achieving On Energy Conservation

222 Jarvis Street will be a signature green building to allow the Ontario Public Service to demonstrate its commitment to reduce our carbon footprint by implementing many of the initiatives outlined in the Green Energy Act, which recently passed in the Ontario legislature.

The GEA, passed in the legislature last week, places a great emphasis on energy efficiency in a number of ways, including greening Ontario government and broader public sector buildings, like 222 Jarvis, and establishing LEED Silver as the minimum standard.
This retrofit announcement - made during Energy Conservation Week - will also create 1,000 green jobs and help grow a green economy in Ontario. Building retrofits, whether to homes, offices, hospitals and schools, are a crucial part of the government's drive to build a culture of conservation.

This is a major project and the first step in the Toronto Accommodation Plan, an Ontario government infrastructure initiative to retrofit a number of public buildings in Toronto. This project will create approximately 1,000 jobs and lead to a greener, more efficient and sustainable workplace for the Ontario Public Service (OPS).

222 Jarvis Street is comprised of a nine-storey commercial building of approximately 455,000 rentable square feet (rsf), 250 sub-grade parking spaces and two surface parking lots. It sits on a 3.075 acre lot. It is the first major office building acquisition for the Province in decades. The project involves the retrofit and modernization of the property, which includes base building upgrades. It is part of a broader government strategy to reduce energy costs and develop marketable expertise through a significant retrofitting program that focuses on schools, social housing, homes, commercial and government buildings.

The preliminary budget estimate for the project is approximately $100 million. The design and construction of the base building retrofit will adhere to the guidelines and sustainability principles set forth within the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) rating system, with a goal of achieving LEED® Gold standing. The Jarvis Street building provides opportunities for energy-efficient building design initiatives such as:

  • A green roof
  • Solar energy
  • High efficiency windows
  • Daylight & occupancy sensors for optimal lighting control
  • High efficiency curtain wall
  • State-of-the-art IT infrastructure
  • Wireless infrastructure and tele-presence technology reducing need to travel to meetings
  • Efficient use of space to maximize natural light
  • Less parking, public transit stop, bicycle storage and change rooms to encourage environmentally friendly commuting practises
  • Recycling of existing material 
  • Using products to create a new sustainable and efficient workplace, becoming a venue for Ontario green energy technology

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