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Time-of-Use Rates

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Time-of-Use Rates

Putting you in control.

Time-of-Use pricing rewards you for using electricity during low-demand periods whenever possible (reflected in green). These Time-of-Use rates - off-peak, mid-peak, and on-peak, will vary between summer and winter. As you can see from the seasonal charts below, the lowest rates are at night, on weekends and statutory holidays.

Choose your time. Manage your costs.

Your SMART METER automatically records your electricity consumption on an hourly basis so you can take advantage of Time-of-Use pricing:

  • During on-peak periods, when demand (and production costs) are highest, prices will be higher.
  • During mid-peak times, when demand is moderate, prices will be lower.
  • During off-peak hours, the least busy periods of the day, prices will be the lowest.

Depending on when you choose to run your appliances, here are some sample costs for typical appliances. You can find how much electricity your specific appliance/model consumes by visiting Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency's website at www.oee.nrcan.ca or by calling NRCAN's Office of Energy Efficiency at 1-800-387-2000 (toll free).

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