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International Support for Ontario's Green Energy Act

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International Support for Ontario's Green Energy Act

On May 14, 2009, Ontario's Legislature passed the historic Green Energy and Green Economy Act, intended to attract new investment, create new green jobs and stimulate a green economy in Ontario.

Here's a sampling of what the international community had to say:

"Today's announcement highlights the innovative policies states and provinces can adopt to combat global warming and create new, green jobs, and I applaud Ontario's efforts. Like California, Ontario is leading the way in recognizing that we must take action now to fight global warming and to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel. We are working together to find solutions that both protect our environment and grow our economy. Working with our partners, California can achieve more reductions in global warming pollution than if we go at the problem alone."

-- Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor, State of California

"Less than a year after our World Wind Energy Conference in Kingston, the government of Ontario kept their promise and laid the foundation for a boom of renewable energy in the province, based on the first feed-in tariff legislation in North America. Today's passing of the Ontario Green Energy Act represents an historic international milestone as the Act promises to be the most advanced piece of renewable energy legislation in North America."

-- Stefan Gsänger, Secretary General, The World Wind Energy Association

"Today's adoption of the Green Energy Act by the Ontario Legislature represents an historic paradigm-shifting legal milestone in the imperative transition to a renewable energy system in North America ... Ontario's Green Energy Act represents North America's most ambitious and far reaching enabling legislation and will place Ontario as a world leader in renewable energy development, industrial innovation and climate protection."

-- Dr. Hermann Scheer, General Chairman of the World Council of Renewable Energy and Member of the National Parliament of Germany

"Well designed feed-in tariffs are the foundation of the world's most successful renewable energy laws that are now informing the development of Ontario's Green Energy Act. By setting up an effective feed-in tariff system, Ontario will create the market certainty necessary to become a leading global destination to invest in the manufacturing of renewable energy systems and to install attractive community power projects."

-- Preben Maegaard, Vice-President, Eurosolar, and Executive Director, Danish Folkecenter for Renewable Energy

"I wish to congratulate Premier McGuinty on his Green Energy Act. The Premier is walking the talk by putting the legislative tools in place to move Ontario - and indeed Canada - towards a low-carbon economy. The legislation addresses the most critical areas for action needed to achieve carbon reduction and job creation including energy efficiency, increased access to renewable energy and market expansion for low-carbon technologies. Congratulations again to the Government of
Ontario for charting a clear course toward a low carbon future."

-- Steve Howard, CEO, The Climate Group, London, England

"The Ontario Green Energy Act charts a new course for renewable energy in North America. To change this course, Ontario is taking an aggressive approach to energy efficiency and renewable energy, one that pushes Ontario towards a sustainable energy future."

-- Denis Hayes, Founder and Board Chair, International Earth Day Network and Chairman, American Solar Energy Society

"The American Council on Renewable Energy congratulates Ontario and all of Canada for this outstanding leadership on the adoption of renewable energy. This kind of policy leadership is beneficial not only from a climate and environmental point of view, but it is also an investment in new companies and new jobs ... Ontario's Green Energy Act and supporting initiatives are the most comprehensive renewable energy policy entered anywhere around the world. Most importantly, it builds on worldwide experience to date on 'what works.' This gives us confidence that the legislation will have its intended effects on the adoption of renewable energy. It also sets an important example for other governments to adopt policies that have been shown to be effective and economical."

-- Michael T. Eckhart, President, American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE), USA

"I am encouraged to see that Ontario recognizes that improved water and energy efficiency are tightly interrelated. It is particularly visionary to couple this with a bold approach to promoting green energy. We have seen how standards for fixtures, appliances and other products have led to enduring water and energy savings. These moves will yield free water and energy savings to utilities and their customers across the province."

-- Mary Ann Dickinson, Alliance for Water Efficiency, Chicago, Illinois

"Addressing climate change requires a coordinated effort not only continentally but globally. Through this legislation, the Government of Ontario is moving the agenda ahead on the key issue of our time and we look forward to working with our neighbours to the north on tackling global warming."

-- Frances Beinecke, President, Natural Resources Defense Council, USA

"Premier McGuinty's new Green Energy Act represents the change in thinking we need. Its far-reaching ecological and economic intent reflects Ontario's ambitious commitment to fight climate change and promote renewable energy. The promise of the Green Energy Act is clear - to transform Ontario into a low-carbon economy and create tens of thousands of new green jobs in its wake."

-- Jenny Clad, Executive Director, The Climate Project, USA

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