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Hydro One to Kick-start Major Transmission Projects

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Hydro One to Kick-start Major Transmission Projects

McGuinty Government's Green Energy Plan Creating Jobs

In a historic move to build a green energy economy, Ontario is asking Hydro One to immediately proceed with planning and implementing major transmission projects across Ontario.

The 20 transmission projects as well as investments into the distribution network are expected to create about 20,000 jobs and spur green economic development across Ontario over the next three years. The projects will unlock significant potential opportunities for greener, cleaner electricity in all parts of the province. About $2.3 Billion will be spent by Hydro One on transmission and distribution projects over the next three years.

Six core transmission network upgrades are moving forward, including North-South lines from Sudbury to Barrie and Barrie to the Greater Toronto Area and an East-West line from Nipigon to Wawa. These projects will help ensure there is enough transmission capability for renewable generation resulting from the province's Green Energy Act. Another series of core-supporting transmission projects and distribution upgrades are also moving ahead in most areas of Ontario.

In addition to bringing more renewable power online, these significant upgrades will strengthen the reliability of Ontario's transmission system, increase energy transfer across the province and beyond our borders and could one day help lead to a national east-west grid.

Hydro One may involve third party commercial entities as partners in transmission projects because of its massive scope. Aboriginal communities will be consulted and provided with opportunities to participate in the projects.

Quick Facts

  • Hydro One owns 97% of the transmission facilities in Ontario. It is fully owned by the Province of Ontario.
  • Hydro One employs approximately 4,600 workers, many highly skilled technicians, working in communities throughout Ontario.
  • Hydro One currently transmits electricity through a 29,000 circuit-kilometre high-voltage network throughout Ontario, as well as 123,000 circuit-kilometre low-voltage distribution system to municipalities and rural areas. Customers of Hydro One's distribution business include 32 local distribution companies 47 large industrial customers and approximately 1.3 million rural and urban customers.

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“Enhancing our transmission grid is critical to taking advantage of green energy. Resources like wind and hydro aren't often where the people are, and this plan will ensure we can bring renewable green power to the people of Ontario.”

George Smitherman

Deputy Premier and Minister of Energy and Infrastructure

“We're ready to move quickly in enhancing and renewing our transmission and distribution networks. Hydro One has always provided world class electricity delivery to the people of Ontario, and our plans for the future will maintain that proud history.”

Laura Formusa

President and CEO of Hydro One

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