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Highway 11/17 Being Expanded To Four Lanes In Thunder Bay Area

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Highway 11/17 Being Expanded To Four Lanes In Thunder Bay Area

McGuinty Government Invests In Northern Transportation Infrastructure

The expansion of a section of Highway 11/17 in Thunder Bay will promote economic development and improve travel for residents and businesses.

Through Ontario's Northern Highways Program, a five kilometre stretch of highway from Hodder Avenue east to Highway 527 will be expanded to four lanes.  Other highway improvements will include the construction of a new interchange at Hodder and Copenhagen Road, a new intersection at Highway 527 and Spruce River Road, and the realignment of the Terry Fox Scenic Lookout Access Road.

A tender call has been issued for the expansion work, which is part of the Open Ontario plan to create jobs and economic opportunities in Northern Ontario.  Following a successful contract award, work is scheduled to begin later in the year with completion in 2013.

Quick Facts

  • About 10,000 vehicles a day travel along Highway 11/17 between Hodder Avenue and Highway 527.
  • Two other four-lane projects will begin this year on Highway 11/17; the expansion of a 14 kilometre section from west of Mackenzie Station Road to Birch Beach Road and, along the same section of highway, the construction of two bridges over the MacKenzie River.
  • The recent Ontario Budget committed $773 million in northern highway rehabilitation and expansion in 2010-2011.

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“This highway is a critical link in the Trans Canada Highway system and its expansion through initiatives like this one is essential to promoting economic development throughout the region.”

Michael Gravelle

Minister of Northern Development, Mines and Forestry

“By following through on our commitment to expand and improve local highway infrastructure, we are ensuring the overall efficiency of the network and driver safety across the region.”

Kathleen Wynne

Minister of Transportation

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