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Helping Large Industry Conserve Energy

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Helping Large Industry Conserve Energy

McGuinty Government's Proposed Change to Have Little to No Impact on Residential Bills

Ontario is proposing to help the province's largest industrial companies and manufacturers conserve energy in a way that will have little to no impact on electricity bills for Ontario families.

The province's largest energy users will be given the opportunity to save on costs and increase their competitiveness by changing their energy consumption to "off-peak" times when there is less strain on the system. These changes will provide short and long term benefits to all electricity users by:

  • Helping reduce emissions and clean the air
  • Improving the reliability of the power grid

This proposed price change would take effect Jan. 1, 2011 and be available to about 200 of Ontario's largest electricity users. It will provide the most benefit to those companies that shift their consumption away from peak demand periods.

Quick Facts

  • Almost 8,000 megawatts of clean power has been added since 2003.
  • Nearly one million residential consumers are on time-of-use electricity rates, where they have the choice to shift their electricity usage to evenings and weekends when prices are lower.
  • Ontario homes, businesses and manufacturers can move their electricity consumption to off-peak times to help lower the demand for power and the need to build new electricity plants to meet that demand.
  • Off-peak prices occur between 9pm and 7am during the week, and all day on weekends and holidays.

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“We've invested in a reliable electricity system that families and businesses can count on. We've put a heavy emphasis on renewable energy, which is better for our health, our environment and our economy. Now we're adjusting prices in a responsible way to help our manufacturing sector - in a way that does not negatively impact Ontario families.”

Hon. Brad Duguid

Minister of Energy and Infrastructure

“This important change will help Ontario stay competitive and protect jobs. Many of Ontario's largest manufactures and largest energy users will be given the opportunity to shift their behaviour to off-peak times, which will help them save on costs and grow their businesses. This is good news for all Ontarians.”

Ian Howcroft

Vice President, CME Ontario

“Shifting demand away from system peaks will help the reliability of Ontario's power system. Encouraging large customers to be more responsive to electricity prices during peak periods is a more efficient way to operate the power system and will help lower costs going forward.”

Paul Murphy

IESO President and CEO

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