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Putting Ontario Wood To Work

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Putting Ontario Wood To Work

The following businesses are among the first to accept new wood supply allocations under Ontario's recent provincial wood supply competitive process:






(cubic metres per year)

AbiBow Canada Inc. in Thunder Bay will produce  stud lumber at their sawmill.

Creating 50

Sustaining 160

221,000 conifer

Capital Power Income L.P. in Calstock will use sawmill wood waste to produce electricity.

Sustaining 38

173,000 *unmerchantable conifer and hardwood

Garden Lake Timber in Thunder Bay will increase production of drill core trays, survey stakes, pipe cradles, cedar and pine grooved panelling at their sawmill and remanufacturing shop.

Creating 2

Sustaining 8

10,000 conifer and hardwood

Gervais Forest Products Ltd. in Greater Sudbury will produce mining timbers, special mining products, dimensional lumber, and square timber through their sawmill and logging operations.

Creating 3

Sustaining 5

21,000 red and white pine

Greenview Wood Products in Harcourt will re-open a sawmill and kiln to produce wood pallets and build a new biomass co-gen power plant.

Creating 30

55,500 hardwood and conifer

Lavern Heideman & Sons Limited in Eganville will produce hardwood and softwood timbers, pallets, and grade and industrial lumber at their sawmill.

Creating 15

Sustaining 60

28,000 hardwood and conifer

Lecours Lumber Co. Limited in Calstock will produce random length softwood lumber at their sawmill and planing mill.

Sustaining 104

82,000 conifer

Millson Forestry Service Inc., a forestry contracting company in Timmins will put together a new mobile briquette plant and produce wood briquettes.

Creating 5

Sustaining 1

57,000 *unmerchantable


Muskoka Timber Mills Ltd. in Bracebridge will produce timber, lumber and by-products and pellets at their sawmill and new wood pellet plant.

Creating 51

Sustaining 25

101,200 hardwood and conifer

Pays Plat Firewood Ltd. in Pays Plat will produce firewood at their new processing plant.

Creating 5

10,000 white birch

Temagami Cedar in Lake Temagami will produce cedar products, construction lumber, firewood and pallets at their sawmill.

Creating 2

Sustaining 3

7,000 white birch

*Unmerchantable refers to undersized trees, trees with defects and harvest residues such as limbs and tops

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