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Strengthening Ontario's Forest Products Sector

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Strengthening Ontario's Forest Products Sector

The following businesses have accepted new wood supply allocations under Ontario's recent Provincial Wood Supply Competitive Process:




(cubic metres per year)


Cyprien Lachance, Val Côté

- to operate sawmill to produce custom lumber, mining boxes, flooring, siding and trims

1,000 white birch, cedar, larch

Creating 2

Maintaining 2

Long Lake Forest Products, Longlac

- to restart sawmill to produce dimension lumber

72,000 spruce, pine, fir

Maintaining 105

Nakina Forest Products, Nakina

- to restart sawmill to produce structural and dimension lumber

40,000 spruce, pine, fir

Maintaining 150

Woodville Pellet Corp., Woodville

- to construct pellet plant for wood pellet sales to Ontario retail and industrial markets

56,500 hardwood, conifer

Creating 36

*Unmerchantable refers to undersized trees, trees with defects and harvest residues such as limbs and tops

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