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Strengthening Ontario's Forest Products Sector

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Strengthening Ontario's Forest Products Sector

McGuinty Government Maximizing Economic Benefits From Province's Forests

Four more forestry companies have accepted wood supply offers from the Province, creating 38 new jobs and bringing more than 250 people back to work. This will also help create other jobs in the forestry sector, and support local economies. 

The companies will use the proposed wood allocations to produce traditional and new forest products including a variety of lumber for construction and clean-burning wood pellets for energy production.

The wood supply competition is aimed at putting Ontario's unused wood to work while the government takes steps to introduce a new forest tenure and pricing system. Helping build a stronger forest industry is an important part of the Open Ontario plan to create jobs and support local economies.

Quick Facts

  • The four companies are: Cyprien Lachance in Val Côté, Long Lake Forest Products in Longlac, Nakina Forest Products in Nakina and Woodville Pellet Corp. in Woodville.
  • The total wood supply offered to the four companies is 169,500 cubic metres per year.
  • The 16 accepted wood supply offers announced to date will put to use a total of 1,114,600 cubic metres per year of wood and employ 957 people.
  • Ontario received 115 submissions under the Provincial Wood Supply Competitive Process from forest companies requesting access to underused wood.

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“Our government wants to attract new investment in the forest sector, and support the fullest and most innovative use of Ontario's wood to build an industry of top performers - both existing and new.”

Michael Gravelle

Minister of Northern Development, Mines and Forestry

“This announcement is great news for the region of Greenstone. With this wood supply offer, two local mills will be able to restart and put over 250 people back to work, which will benefit the entire region.”

Renald Beaulieu, Mayor

Municipality of Greenstone

“We are very pleased to receive wood from the provincial wood supply competition. I commend Minister Gravelle for his dedication to seeing the forestry industry prosper after a few difficult years.”

Cyprien Lachance, owner

Lachance Saw & Planer

“This wood supply commitment is an essential piece for the long-term success of these mills. The company is committed to opening these mills in the coming year and this wood supply commitment will play an important role in ensuring that we have a sustainable and strong forest products industry in the Greenstone region.”

Wolf Gericke, President

Long Lake Forest Products and Nakina Forest Products

“The receipt of this wood allocation is very timely for the Kawarthas. Our Woodville plant is one-third complete, and production is set for the fall of this year. The local forest managers and operators also gladly share in this endeavour as this wood pellet product provides a new market for their low-end and underused forest products.”

Charles Pitcher, Chief Executive Officer

Woodville Pellet Corp.

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