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Manufacturing Plant Opens In Thunder Bay District

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Manufacturing Plant Opens In Thunder Bay District

McGuinty Government Creating 130 Jobs For Oliver Paipoonge Township

A new manufacturing plant in Thunder Bay will be home to 130 new jobs, and will help diversify the local wood market and bring new opportunities for economic development.

With assistance from the province, Global Sticks will switch from sourcing products from China to manufacturing products at a new, state-of-the art facility in Thunder Bay that created 50 construction jobs. The new plant will produce a variety of wooden sticks used for ice cream bars, corn dogs, tongue depressors for doctors and nurses, and paint paddles.

Making infrastructure improvements in Northern Ontario communities is a key component of the plan laid out in Ontario's 2011 Budget - Turning the Corner, to create and support 10,000 new and existing jobs for Ontario families and to strengthen local economies.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario is investing $1.32 million in the new Global Sticks plan through the NOHFC.
  • In its Growth Plan for Northern Ontario released March 4, the Province identifies the need to support diversity and growth in the region's traditional resource-based economy.
  • In 2010, Global Sticks planned to create over 8 billion ice cream sticks.
  • In 2009, Ontario provided Global Sticks with a $787,000 grant through the Forest Sector Prosperity Fund and another $2.9 million through the Forest Sector Loan Guarantee Program.

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“These new facilities have helped with the creation of 50 construction jobs currently at the site, will be home to approximately 130 permanent jobs for Northerners right here in the Thunder Bay area. Global Sticks represents a diversification of the wood products industry in Northwestern Ontario, and will provide tax base support to the residents of Oliver Paipoonge.”

Bill Mauro

MPP for Thunder Bay-Atikokan

“I'm delighted that our government has helped Global Sticks find a home in Northern Ontario. The new Thunder Bay plant will manufacture products that were previously out-sourced from China, bringing those jobs and opportunities to our region.”

Michael Gravelle

Minister of Northern Development, Mines and Forestry, and chair of the NOHFC

“The support provided to Global Sticks by the McGuinty government and its ministries has been vital to the start up of Global Sticks production. Global Sticks and its value added manufacturing process will continue to make investments and further expansion at the new plant and the region of Northern Ontario.”

Reggie Nukovic

Global Sticks President

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