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More Electricity Bill Relief To Ontario Businesses And Families

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More Electricity Bill Relief To Ontario Businesses And Families

McGuinty Government Helps Support Local Industry While Providing Relief For Families

Ontario's recently released Energy Plan is helping Northern Ontario industries stay competitive with new programs that lower electricity costs while providing additional relief on electricity bills to Ontario families in 2011.

Starting this year, the new Industrial Conservation Initiative is available to over 200 of Ontario's largest energy consumers. This initiative provides a strong incentive for industrial companies to shift their electricity consumption to off-peak hours to save on costs. This will provide opportunities for companies to stay competitive, invest more in their businesses and create new jobs.

This initiative is in addition to the three-year, $450 million Northern Industrial Electricity Rate Program that can directly reduce costs for companies like Kirkland Lake Gold by two cents a kilowatt-hour. The program can also be accessed by other major industrial users in the North, including the pulp and paper sector.

Ontario is also helping northern families with their electricity costs through:

  • The new Ontario Clean Energy Benefit that will help Ontario families, farms and small businesses by taking 10 per cent off of all monthly electricity bills for the next five years, starting this month.
  • The Northern Ontario Energy Credit that can help over half of all northern families manage the higher costs of heating their homes due to colder winter temperatures. For 2010-11, this permanent credit provides up to $130 for eligible individuals for the year and up to $200 for eligible families, including single parents. 
  • The enhanced Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit that will provide annual relief with credits of up to $900 for non-seniors and up to $1,025 in assistance for seniors for 2010.

Helping strengthen the Northern Ontario economy and providing electricity price relief to businesses and families is an important part of the McGuinty government's Open Ontario Plan.

Quick Facts

  • Kirkland Lake Gold is in the midst of a three year expansion program that began in January 2009 and is expected cost $60 million in capital. The company had 234 employees at the start of the program, but now has roughly 640 employees and 100 contractors working on site. They anticipate that when the expansion is complete, they will have as many as 900 employees.
  • The Northern Industrial Electricity Rate Program is providing electricity price rebates of two cents per kilowatt-hour for large energy users. On average this would reduce industrial electricity prices by about 25 per cent, based on 2009 levels.

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“Helping our industrial sector stay competitive, and enlisting our largest industrials to help meet our energy conservation goals is an important part of our Energy Plan. Our Plan is keeping the lights on with more clean energy, and helping northern families and industry to save on energy costs. Starting this year, the Industrial Conservation Initiative will also help companies like Kirkland Lake Gold shift their consumption to save money and jobs.”

Hon. Brad Duguid

Minister of Energy

“The Industrial Conservation Initiative is an important energy benefit that will provide key assistance, helping our large industrial consumers keep their costs competitive in the global market, and help protect northern jobs. This move, along with the Northern Ontario Energy Credit and the 10 per cent savings on home electricity bills for the next five years, shows our government truly understands and responds to the unique needs of northerners.”

David Ramsay

MPP for Timiskaming--Cochrane

“Kirkland Lake Gold is dedicated to creating a long term and sustainable gold mining operation at Kirkland Lake. This is being accomplished by both growing the ore resource and the mining operation, and by upgrading the existing plant and facilities in order to improve our operating efficiencies in a competitive world. Ontario government programs such as the Industrial Conservation Initiative and the Northern Industrial Energy Rebate Program will provide significant support to the company in these efforts. These efforts will be the key to securing the hundreds of new highly paid mining jobs in Timiskaming and Northern Ontario that are being created by the company as it works to achieve its goal.”

Brian Hinchcliffe

President & CEO, Kirkland Lake Gold

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