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Ontario Increases Support for Aboriginal Energy Projects

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Ontario Increases Support for Aboriginal Energy Projects

Ontario Increases Support for Aboriginal Energy Projects

Ontario is expanding the Aboriginal Loan Guarantee Program to encourage First Nation and Métis participation in the province's clean energy economy.

To date, the program has received applications totalling $250 million for projects that are expected to bring over 600 megawatts of clean, renewable energy online, which is enough to power 45,000 homes and create up to 2,800 new jobs. The expansion will make an additional $150 million available under the loan program.

The Aboriginal Loan Guarantee Program provides loan guarantees of up to 75 per cent of an Aboriginal community's investment in an eligible project, helping to reduce barriers and make borrowing money to buy equity in eligible projects more affordable for First Nation and Métis communities. Ownership will help provide a community with guaranteed and sustainable long term sources of revenue.

Growing the clean energy sector is an important part of the McGuinty government's plan to modernize Ontario's electricity infrastructure, while ensuring we have the electricity we need to power our homes, schools, hospitals and the economy.

Quick Facts

  • Renewable energy projects like solar, wind, and hydroelectric and new transmission are eligible for the Aboriginal Loan Guarantee Program.
  • In 2011, the Mother Earth Renewable Energy Project and the Lower Mattagami Project were approved for loan guarantees under the Aboriginal Loan Guarantee Program.
  • Since 2003, Ontario has brought more than 10,000 megawatts of new and refurbished clean energy online ¬¬- enough to power Ottawa and Toronto combined.

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“First Nation and Métis communities in Ontario have an important role to play in Ontario's energy future. Continuing to provide access to financial resources through the Aboriginal Loan Guarantee Program supports our ongoing commitment to encourage these communities to participate in, and benefit from, energy development.”

Chris Bentley

Minister of Energy

“The Aboriginal Loan Guarantee Program is ensuring that First Nations and Métis benefit from the province's investments in energy. These investments are bringing jobs into communities, boosting local economies and making a real difference across the province.”

Kathleen Wynne

Minister of Aboriginal Affairs

“This program helps Aboriginal people create jobs within their communities. The McGuinty government continues to work with First Nation and Métis partners to help create economic opportunities that will improve the quality of life for current and future generations.”

Dwight Duncan

Minister of Finance

“This program is an important part of our plan for a strong and prosperous Northern Ontario. Working as partners in land and resource development, we are unlocking Ontario's clean energy potential and creating real and lasting opportunities for First Nation and Métis communities.”

Michael Gravelle

MPP for Thunder Bay-Superior North

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