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Statement On Hurricane Sandy From Ontario Minister Of Energy - October 29, 2012

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Statement On Hurricane Sandy From Ontario Minister Of Energy - October 29, 2012

Today, Chris Bentley, Minister of Energy, issued the following statement:

“Ontario’s energy agencies are working to prepare and respond to any power outages or infrastructure damage that may occur due to the impact of Hurricane Sandy.

Occurrences of storm-related outages are beginning to be reported. It is likely that Ontario will see local power disruptions or outages over the next few days. U.S. states are already reporting outages in the tens of thousands.

Across Ontario there are trained crews of professionals ready to respond and restore power safely and as quickly as possible.

I have been in contact with Hydro One and was assured that they are available to assist. Hydro One’s Grid Control Centre is monitoring the storm as it progresses. Hydro One is the direct power provider in many communities in Ontario and is well prepared to assist their own customers during storm events. If assistance is required by local distribution companies, Hydro One will direct resources, on a priority basis.

Local power companies are the best source for up-to-date, local information for their customers.

The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) is closely monitoring the situation and is taking steps to increase Ontario’s ability to respond to changing circumstances, including keeping additional generation on the ready should it be required.

All of Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG) generating facilities are robust and designed to withstand severe weather.  OPG is working closely with partners such as Hydro One and the IESO to ensure a co-ordinated response is in place. The company reports no impacts from the storm at this time.”

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