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Support for the Ontario Green Button Initiative

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Support for the Ontario Green Button Initiative

"I am pleased to partner with the Ministry of Energy, MaRs Discovery District and industry stakeholders in the Ontario Green Button initiative, another shining example of Ontario's Smart Grid leadership. By taking a Privacy by Design approach to the development of these innovative new tools, Ontarians will be able to better manage their energy consumption and have confidence their information is being strongly protected."

-- Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Ontario's Information and Privacy Commissioner 

"There is more to a modern energy system than generating and delivering electricity. It is also important to provide information and tools to help consumers make smart choices about their energy use. An Ontario Green Button initiative could give electricity consumers more options for managing electricity consumption and reveal opportunities for savings."

-- Elise Herzig, President and CEO, Ontario Energy Association

"Ontario's Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) currently offer their customers varied tools and programs such as websites and apps to help them manage their electricity use in order to make informed decisions, leading to savings on their monthly bills. The EDA supports studying additional opportunities for LDCs across the province to provide customers with access to their energy consumption information. Our industry is participating in this project to ensure that new information technologies add value and are cost-effective for our customers."

-- Charlie Macaluso, President and CEO, Electricity Distributors Association

"OCAD University is pleased to celebrate the Ontario Green Button initiative and the opportunities it would create for the mobile industry. The Mobile Experience Innovation Centre's developers and our graduates are uniquely qualified to build the most effective, innovative solutions for web and mobile devices. By focusing on user experience and usability design, these new solutions will help homeowners understand and make the most of their electricity usage data."

-- Dr. Sara Diamond, President, OCAD University

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