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Northern Industry Reacts To Ontario Proposal To Extend Northern Industrial Electricity Rate Program

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Northern Industry Reacts To Ontario Proposal To Extend Northern Industrial Electricity Rate Program

Northern Ontario industries participating in the current Northern Industrial Electricity Rate Program are responding to today's announcement that, subject to annual program funding approvals, the province intends to extend the program for three years, beginning next fiscal year. The extended program would continue to support growth and development in northern resource sectors such as forestry and mining:

Vale Limited, Greater Sudbury 

"We applaud the McGuinty government's decision to extend this vital program, which helps position Northern Ontario as a competitive place to do business, and will support continued development in mining and other resource sectors."
- Kelly Strong, Vice President, Ontario & UK Operations

Xstrata Nickel, Greater Sudbury

"Xstrata Nickel is committed to sustainable operations in the communities in which we operate. Energy efficiency is a key part of our Sustainable Development strategy and we appreciate the assistance of the NIER program in recognizing our efforts to manage electricity consumption and improve energy efficiency at our Sudbury Operations."
- Marc Boissonneault, Vice President, Xstrata Nickel Sudbury Operations

Essar Steel, Sault Ste. Marie 

"The NIER program supports Northern Ontario employers like Essar Steel who maintain strong energy management programs. It helps offset the capital investment required for conservation initiatives that reduce our energy consumption, lower our operating costs and keep us competitive. We commend the Ontario government for their proactive approach to energy conservation and their continued leadership in this regard."
- Kalyan Ghosh, CEO, Essar Steel Algoma

Goldcorp Inc., Toronto 

"We are very pleased to see the NIER program life extended. The incentive, the structure and follow-up provided by the MNDM through the program have played an active role in how we implement and sustain Goldcorp's Energy Strategy in our three mines in Ontario."
- Fernando Carrascal, Director, Operational Excellence | Goldcorp Canada & U.S.

Flakeboard, Sault Ste. Marie 

 "The extension of the NIER program is very good news for Flakeboard. Thus far, the Sault Ste. Marie team has done an exceptional job embracing the expectations that come from this initiative. Significant capital has been invested to reduce energy consumption and improve measurement and monitoring. With these measurement tools, the plant is able to quantify benefits, identify future opportunities, and help support load-shedding initiatives that help benefit the provincial distribution grid. The NIER program has been the catalyst to help drive these gains that otherwise would have been very difficult to support. The continuation of NIER program will allow the Sault Ste. Marie facility to make additional gains with energy conservation, supporting the long-term sustainability of the facility."
 - Lloyd Hotchkiss, Plant Manager

Resolute Forest Products, Thunder Bay 

"The extension of the NIER program is an important step forward. The Province of Ontario has recognized the importance of affordable electricity pricing and established programs resulting in an attractive environment for companies like Resolute to invest for the future. Over the past 18 months, Resolute has announced over $125 million in capital spending for our mills in Northern Ontario. We compete in a challenging marketplace and controlling rising energy costs is a critically important factor in achieving sustained profitability,"
- Richard Garneau, President and Chief Executive Officer

Domtar, Dryden/Espanola 

"The continuation of the NIER program is helpful to our operations in Espanola and Dryden as we continue to focus on improving the competitiveness of our operations in Ontario. We appreciate the recognition that industry in the North is a key driver of our provincial economy." - Bonny Skene, Regional Public Affairs Manager for Domtar.

North American Palladium Ltd., Lac des Iles 

"North American Palladium's participation in the NIER program has allowed the Company to realize significant cost savings of over $2 million in 2012 through the electricity price rebates. We are pleased to see the program extended, which will continue to benefit the Company as we expand our Lac des Iles palladium mine operations and continue to make improvements to our energy management plan."
- Greg Struble, North American Palladium Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

Weyerhaeuser, Kenora 

"At Weyerhaeuser, we're committed to finding a balance between short-term needs and long-term prosperity. In 2010, we adopted a comprehensive energy management plan. We appreciate the province's continued support through the NIER program, which is an important part of the energy management initiative at our Kenora plant."
 - Bill Candline, Kenora Plant Manager



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