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Ontario's Wind Energy Industry Generates 340 New Jobs

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Ontario's Wind Energy Industry Generates 340 New Jobs

McGuinty Government Clean Energy Commitment Helps Local Company Expand

Ontario's clean energy industry is bringing more renewable energy online while creating good jobs for families.

Automodular Corporation, an automotive supply company, has opened an assembly facility in Brantford to supply Ontario's growing renewable energy industry. The facility, which will employ approximately 40 people, will assemble turbine components for the Erieau Wind and East Lake St. Clair wind farms in Chatham.

Expected to be online by mid-2013, the Erieau Wind and East Lake St. Clair wind projects will each produce 99 megawatts of clean, renewable energy -- enough to power nearly 55,000 homes each year, or a city the size of Welland. Each of these projects will also create about 150 construction jobs in Chatham-Kent.   

Growing the clean energy sector is an important part of the McGuinty government's plan to create and support jobs for Ontario families while ensuring we have the electricity we need to power our homes, schools, hospitals and the economy.

Quick Facts

  • Since 2003, Ontario has brought almost 10,000 megawatts of new electricity supply online, enough to power over two million homes.
  • In 2011, more than 80 per cent of Ontario’s electricity generation came from emission-free sources like wind, solar and nuclear.
  • In 2003, Ontario had 19 dirty, polluting coal units and just 10 wind turbines; today, the province has over 1,000 new wind turbines and by 2014 all coal units will be closed.

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“The creation and expansion of the clean energy supply chain was a major part of the vision for the Green Energy Act. Companies like Automodular are great examples of how Ontario’s clean energy industry is strengthening our economy, creating jobs across the province and ensuring cleaner air and a healthier environment.”

Chris Bentley

Minister of Energy

“Our expansion into the renewable energy sector not only demonstrates Automodular’s operational flexibility and commitment to producing high quality products in a prompt and reliable manner it is also a reflection of our commitment to bringing clean and emission-free electricity to Ontario.”

Chris Nutt

President and CEO, Automodular

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