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Building a Smarter More Efficient Electricity Grid

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Building a Smarter More Efficient Electricity Grid

"The Ontario Smart Grid Fund has dramatically enhanced dTechs' exposure in the market place. We are continually receiving global inquiries for our technology. The Fund has allowed dTechs to advance our systems technology and ready it for full commercialization. dTechs believes once we have fully integrated in the Oakville Hydro grid, our last mile data gap solution will be the industry standard throughout not only Ontario, but globally."
-- Roger Morrison CEO, dTechs

“The support provided by the Ontario government through the Smart Grid Fund has helped ENBALA to deploy our innovative technology and increase our business in Ontario. The Smart Grid Fund Project has helped to demonstrate the important role that demand-side loads can play in the support of Ontario’s power system. ENBALA’s Grid Balance® platform, through a continuous connection, engages commercial and industrial organizations in Ontario to respond to the real-time needs of the power system, increasing the grid’s reliability and efficiency while reducing greenhouse gases.”
-- Ken Scott, Chief Financial Officer, Enbala

“Energate’s Smart Grid Fund project has allowed Ontario industry to develop new innovations in Ontario to provide more value for Ontario homeowners, while leveraging our Smart Grid. Energate has teamed with Local Distribution Companies throughout Ontario and is now installing advanced technology in homes across the province. The consumer feedback will allow the industry to move Ontario’s Smart Grid ahead while building new innovations applicable to many markets outside of Ontario.”
-- Niraj Bhargava, CEO, Energate

“Research supported by the IBM Canada Research & Development Centre is all focused on one thing: how to build a smarter planet, starting with a focus on Innovation in Canada. One of our main focal areas is energy, and the Smart Grid Fund has helped us to launch a project that is analyzing smart meter data to help businesses and consumers not only conserve energy, but use it in the smartest way possible. The support of the Ministry of Energy on this project has helped our researchers to gain a better understanding of Ontario's energy needs, giving them valuable insights to use in the commercialization planning process of their research.”
-- Allen Lalonde, Director, IBM Canada Research & Development Centre

“The Smart Grid Fund has enabled our company to create a new engineering team, under the LocalGrid Technologies brand, that will apply our technology to the utility power industry; creating five new engineering positions in this market. We are developing a new standard for Smart Grid technology deployment and this fund has ensured our company has the financial capability and capacity to effectively develop and deploy this technology over the course of the project. Because of the relationship with our utility partner, Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited, we have been able to reach out to other companies and utilities across Canada and the United States to export our technology.”
-- Bob Leigh, P.Eng, President/CEO, LocalGrid Technologies Inc. (Prolucid)

“The Ontario Smart Grid Fund has helped to advance our project in many ways. Most fundamentally it has provided us with critical funding enabling us to hire new professional resources.  Our project will enhance Ontario's smart grid by providing comprehensive cyber security protection for smart meter and smart grid implementations, plus the information exchange associated with the project will provide valuable learning for all grid participants in Ontario.”
-- Doug Westlund, CEO, N-Dimension Solutions Inc.

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