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Statement from Ontario Minister of Energy

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Statement from Ontario Minister of Energy

Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Energy, released the following statement this morning regarding the GTA storm on Monday night:

“We want to thank all the crews, managers, first responders, City and provincial staff who are continuing to work hard to help restore power. 

We are aware there are still some areas without power and we thank people for their patience. Restoring power as quickly and safely as possible is our top priority.

Yesterday, we saw continued conservation efforts from many customers across the GTA region. These efforts must continue until the system is fully restored. Conservation is the best way we can preserve system reliability - that’s why it’s so important that everyone does their part.

Easy ways to conserve energy include turning off unnecessary lighting, limiting the use of major equipment such as swimming pool pumps, and turning down your air conditioner.

After every major event, provincial energy agencies conduct a review to determine how our energy infrastructure performed, and how personnel responded. This process ensures that best practices are in place to learn from every outage, and to minimize future system issues. It’s an opportunity to determine causes, learn what worked, and ensure we can deliver the best service for families and businesses.

For updates, please refer to the Independent Electricity System Operator, Hydro One and Toronto Hydro.”

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