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Helping Ontario Energy Consumers

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Helping Ontario Energy Consumers

The 2013 Long-Term Energy Plan outlines the tools and information Ontario energy consumers will have to better manage their electricity use. 

Working with its agencies, the government is providing information to enhance energy literacy and incentives to promote efficiency and savings by:

  • Ensuring that conservation is considered first in agencies' planning, approval and procurement processes to help keep electricity rates down. The province will also work with the Ontario Energy Board to incorporate the policy of conservation first into distributor planning processes for both electricity and natural gas utilities.
  • Providing information and incentives to help consumers choose the most efficient products for their homes and businesses. Ontario will also continue to show leadership in setting energy efficient standards for products and appliances.
  • Making new financing tools available to consumers, including on-bill financing for energy efficiency retrofits, starting in 2015.
  • Giving consumers online access to their electricity data through the Green Button Initiative. Consumers will be able to connect their data to mobile and web-based applications that will help them analyze and better manage their electricity use.
  • Working with Ontario EcoSchools, an environmental education and certification program for grades K-12, to bring more resources about energy conservation into classrooms.
  • Launching emPOWERme, a new online resource developed by the Ministry of Energy dedicated to public education about electricity.

Ontario is also taking important steps to ease pressure on rates by reducing future capital investments, working with agencies to operate more efficiently and achieving savings through a reduction in the purchase price of new Feed-in Tariff contracts.

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