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What people are saying about Achieving Balance: Ontario's Long-Term Energy Plan

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What people are saying about Achieving Balance: Ontario's Long-Term Energy Plan

"The Long-Term Energy Plan's (LTEP) pragmatic emphasis on cost-effectiveness and flexibility provides a strong foundation for continued excellence and innovation in the development of Ontario's energy infrastructure."
--Ken Scott, Enbala Power Networks Inc.

"The Ontario Energy Storage Alliance commends the Minister of Energy for the role of energy storage in the LTEP. Energy storage offers new tools and capabilities for a modern, efficient, cost-effective power system that makes better use of Ontario's clean energy resources. We are pleased the Ontario government recognizes the important role energy storage can play in the province."
--Cam Carver, Temporal Power & Ontario Energy Storage Alliance

"The 2013 LTEP sets in place the key aspects of a sustainable energy economy. Fiscally responsible, yet visionary. We are pleased that Demand Response will make up at least 10 per cent of Ontario's supply mix. DR is a reliable, cost-effective and flexible resource that has taken root in many North American electricity markets."
--Paul Grod, Rodan Energy

"The LTEP is well thought out, bringing together all the pieces of innovation to ensure smarter energy generation and intelligent management. It showcases leadership from the minister and the government in the area of intelligent storage integration into the electricity grid. As an Ontario-based Smart Grid storage technology provider, we are looking forward to participating in the technology innovation deployment and creation of new jobs in the province. This is the launch pad we have been waiting for."
--Han Subramania, e-Camion Energy Storage Management Technologies.

"The LTEP review responds to a key priority for CME by providing greater clarity and certainty for manufacturers with respect to electricity rates going forward.  CME also supports new initiatives to enable manufacturers to better manage their energy and the associated costs.  Importantly, LTEP will reduce overall system costs, which ultimately translates into more competitive forward rates for businesses.  Over the reference period, the ministry must be more aggressive in reducing electricity rates for manufacturers in order maintain and grow the manufacturing footprint in Ontario; a key generator of wealth and employment for so many Ontarians." 
--Ian Howcroft, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Ontario

 "We're supportive of the indication we see in today's plan that local distribution companies will be much more central to conservation initiatives going forward - including a more prominent role in program design and delivery, and more flexibility in addressing local needs."
--Rene Gatien, Electricity Distributors' Association

"We welcome the news that the cost of industrial power is projected to be lower than the previous plan. Also, the transmission projects in Northwestern Ontario are good news for our existing and future mines. We look forward to continuing to work with the government to strengthen competitiveness in the mining sector, protect existing jobs and encourage new investment."
--Chris Hodgson, President, Ontario Mining Association

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