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Ontario Government Investing $8.4 Million in Highway 71 Near Nestor Falls

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Ontario Government Investing $8.4 Million in Highway 71 Near Nestor Falls

Funding Part of Largest Infrastructure Investment in Province’s History

Ontario is investing in northern highway infrastructure to make travel easier and safer.   

Work will begin soon on 26 kilometres of Highway 71 north of the Nestor Falls bridge. The highway will be resurfaced and drainage will be improved.

This funding is part of the largest infrastructure investment in Ontario's history -- more than $130 billion over 10 years, which will support more than 110,000 jobs per year on average, with projects such as roads, bridges, transit systems, schools and hospitals across the province.

The government's plan to build Ontario up is supported by a number of initiatives, including broadening the ownership of Hydro One -- an approach that raises billions for infrastructure. 

Ontario's long-term infrastructure plan will help connect regions, develop new economic opportunities and improve quality of life for Ontarians by supporting critical infrastructure projects in cities, towns, and rural and remote communities all across the province.

Investing in roads, highways and bridges is part of the government's plan to build Ontario up. The four-part plan includes investing in people's talents and skills, making the largest investment in public infrastructure in Ontario's history, creating a dynamic, innovative environment where business thrives, and building a secure retirement savings plan.

Quick Facts

  • Pioneer Construction Inc. has been awarded the $8.4-million contract, with completion expected in fall 2015.
  • In 1936, the world's longest single-span timber bridge was built on Highway 71 at Sioux Narrows. The 64-metre structure was in service until 2003, and was replaced by a new bridge with a steel beam deck in 2006-2007. The historic timber truss was preserved and incorporated into the new bridge as a decorative feature.
  • Since 2003, the province has improved 4,366 kilometres of highway and 284 bridges, and constructed 295 kilometres of new highway along with 124 new bridges throughout Northern Ontario.
  • Modernizing infrastructure will support more than 110,000 jobs a year on average in construction and related industries.
  • A Conference Board of Canada report estimated that Ontario’s public infrastructure investment would add more than $1,000 to the average annual income of Ontarians in 2014 and lower the unemployment rate by about one percentage point.

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“I am pleased that this contract has been awarded for the rehabilitation of Highway 71 near Nestor Falls. This project builds on our commitment to make travel on our northern highways easier and safer for families and businesses while strengthening tourism and the economy in the North.”

Michael Gravelle

Minister of Northern Development and Mines

“Ontario roads and highways are amongst the safest in North America, but to make them even safer, our government is focused on improving the critical transportation infrastructure that families and businesses rely on daily. Investing in our northern highways, including the resurfacing of Highway 71 near Nestor Falls, demonstrates Premier Kathleen Wynne and our government’s commitment to building Ontario up.”

Steven Del Duca

Minister of Transportation

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