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Northwestern Ontario Highway Projects

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Northwestern Ontario Highway Projects

Ontario is investing $78.4 million through the Northern Highways Program in the following rehabilitation projects: 

Highway 11

  • Final phase of the seven-year rehabilitation of the Noden Causeway near Fort Frances to repair substructure areas (Innovative Civil Constructors Inc., $7.2-million contract)
  • Repaving nearly 18 km of highway west of the Fort Frances town limits (Pioneer Construction Inc., $4.6-million contract)
  • Repaving almost 22 km of highway east of the CNR overhead bridge in Longlac (Pioneer Construction Inc., $4.3-million contract) 

Highway 17

  • Repaving nearly 13 km of highway west of the junction of Highway 11/17 at Shabaqua Corners (Pioneer Construction Inc., $6.6-million contract)
  • Replacing the Gravel River bridge, east of Nipigon (OHL Construction Canada Inc., $6.6-million contract)
  • Resurfacing almost 31 km of highway west of Ignace (Miller Northwest Limited, $7.9-million contract)

Highway 61

  • Replacing the Pine River bridge, south of Thunder Bay (L H North Ltd. & L H Crane and Rigging Ltd., $4.4-million contract)

Highway 72

  • Replacing the Pelican River bridge in Sioux Lookout (Teranorth Construction & Engineering Limited, $6.9-million contract)

Highway 105

  • Reconstructing and paving nearly 31 km of highway north of the junction of Hwy 17 at Vermillion Bay (Miller Northwest Limited, $15.4-million contract)

Highway 527

  • Replacing the McConnell Creek culvert south of Kiaskhe Zaaging Anishinaabek (Gull Bay First Nation) (GDB Constructeurs, $2.4-million contract)
  • Repaving over 16 km of highway and improving drainage north of the junction of Highway 11/17 (Bruno's Contracting (Thunder Bay) Limited, $5.6-million contract)

Highway 613

  • Replacing the Hastie River and Munro River bridges, west of Fort Frances (The Sharp Group, $4.7-million contract)

Highway 628

  • Replacing the Big Trout Creek culvert north of Red Rock (GDB Constructeurs, $1.8-million contract)

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