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Ontario Celebrates Opening of Renewable Energy Station in Renfrew

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Ontario Celebrates Opening of Renewable Energy Station in Renfrew

New Station to Increase the Province’s Supply of Clean and Reliable Energy

Thomas Low Generating Station, a new waterpower project on the Bonnechere River in Renfrew, is now doubling its capacity to generate hydroelectricity and helping to create jobs for Ontario.

The new plant supports the government's clean energy initiatives by contributing almost four megawatts of clean, renewable power to the province's energy supply. This will produce enough electricity each year to power over 1,800 homes.

The new generating station will also provide Ontarian's affordable and a long-term source of energy while reducing emissions from greenhouse gases.

Providing renewable energy is part of the government's four-part plan to build Ontario up. The plan also includes investing in people's talents and skills, creating a dynamic, innovative environment where business thrives, and building a secure retirement savings plan.

Quick Facts

  • Hydroelectric facilities provide more than 20 per cent of Ontario’s electricity.
  • Environmental assessment and consultation, including consultations with government ministries and agencies, First Nations and local residents, went into the development of this project.
  • The 2013 Long-Term-Energy Plan raised Ontario’s hydroelectricity target to 9,300 MW by 2025. Thomas Low Generating Station is now helping Ontario to meet this target.
  • The Thomas Low Generating Station had been under development for 10 years. It is named after the original builder of the Lower Plant, which went into operation in 1902.

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“Ontario’s new Thomas Low Generating Station not only provides reliable, renewable energy to consumer’s for many years come, but is supporting a dynamic business climate, creating jobs, and ensuring long term economic returns for the Town of Renfrew.”

Bob Chiarelli

Minister of Energy

“Stable funding provided in a long-term contract with the Independent Electricity System Operator provides the revenues needed to make the investment in this vital community asset. We have the capacity to produce more power and continue to monitor and adjust water levels and flows on the Bonnechere River. This will provide an uninterrupted supply of water to protect drinking water, reduce the risk of flooding, keep ecological systems healthy, and sustain local employment opportunities.”

Bill Bowles

Renfrew Power Generation

“Maintaining and renewing infrastructure is critical to the viability of a municipality–for residents and for business. Renfrew Power Generation is doing its part and providing benefits to the community on many other levels.”

Don Eady

Mayor of Renfrew

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