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Telecommunications Upgrades in the Rainy River District

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Telecommunications Upgrades in the Rainy River District

Ontario is investing $796,000 in telecommunications infrastructure that will benefit the following West Rainy River communities:


  • Town of Fort Frances
  • Township of Alberton
  • Township of La Vallee
  • Township of Emo
  • Township of Chapple
  • Township of Morley
  • Township of Dawson
  • Town of Rainy River
  • Township of Lake of the Woods

First Nation Communities

  • Nigigoonsiminikaaning First Nation
  • Couchiching First Nation
  • Mitaanjigamiing First Nation
  • Naicatchewenin First Nation
  • Rainy River First Nations
  • Big Grassy River First Nation
  • Anishnaabeg of Naongashiing


  • Watten (East of Couchiching First Nation)
  • Halkirk (East of Watten)
  • Miscampbell (North of Fort Frances)
  • Griesinger (North of Miscampbell)
  • Dance (North of La Vallee)
  • Kingsford (North of Emo)
  • Fleming (North of Kingsford)
  • Senn (North of Fleming)
  • Rowe (North of Chapple)
  • Menary (North of Chapple)
  • Nelles (West of Morley)
  • Pratt (North of Dawson)
  • Sutherland (West of Morley)

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