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Supportive Quotes for Darlington Refurbishment and Continued Operation of Pickering

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Supportive Quotes for Darlington Refurbishment and Continued Operation of Pickering

"The Darlington nuclear refurbishment project will contribute significantly to the economic vitality of Ontario while ensuring the supply of emissions-free and reliable baseload electricity. We look forward to working with OPG on what we are confident will become a benchmark project for the industry."
- Teri McKibbon, President and CEO, Aecon Group Inc.

"The Ontario government's approval of OPG's plan to refurbish the four CANDU nuclear units at Darlington is great news for the environment, for Ontario ratepayers and large industrial power users, and for the many small and medium-size enterprises (SME's) that comprise much of Ontario's nuclear supply chain. This multi-year project will create hundreds of quality and sustainable jobs in private sector SME's located in communities across Ontario - from Pembroke to Peterborough to Coburg and on to Oakville, Cambridge and Niagara."
- Ron Oberth, President and CEO, Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCI)

"The announcement to refurbish the Ontario Power Generation Darlington site is great news for the Ontario economy. Supporting the nuclear sector drives many local benefits including business and job development. It also provides a more reliable and efficient energy system."
- Rob Burton, Mayor, Town of Oakville

“SNC-Lavalin is proud to support OPG in the execution phase of the Retube & Feeder Replacement project. The Darlington CANDU reactors provide 20 per cent of Ontario’s energy and we are pleased to play a large role in refurbishing them so they can continue to provide safe, reliable, affordable and emission-free energy for the citizens of Ontario.”
- Preston Swafford, Chief Nuclear Officer and Executive Vice-President, Nuclear, SNC-Lavalin

"These investments will go a long way in securing the careers of tomorrow. By leveraging the benefits of nuclear refurbishment, we have a real opportunity to expand our construction workforce that better reflects Ontario's diversity."
- Patrick Dillon, Business Manager and Secretary Treasurer, Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario

“The Ontario government's approval of the OPG plan for refurbishment at Darlington is excellent news for many small and medium businesses in Ontario. As the owner of a small consulting business with 100 per cent focus on nuclear, I take this news as a great opportunity. As well, as a citizen, I am pleased to see that we will have clean, baseload energy in Ontario for decades to come.”
- Doug Burton, Founding Partner, DB2 Consulting

“Nuclear power provides an important source of reliable, carbon-free energy to power our homes, businesses and cities. Properly maintaining and investing in these facilities will ensure these world class assets will continue to play a key role in the province."
- Mark Fisher, President and CEO, Council of the Great Lakes Region.

“Continuing operations at Pickering Nuclear Generating Station is good for our community - it is a commitment to good jobs, increased economic activity and cleaner air. I’m proud to be part of a government that is leading the way in clean, reliable and affordable electricity.”
- Joe Dickson, MPP, Ajax-Pickering

“We are very pleased by both of today’s announcements given their importance to our provincial energy grid and our local energy economy. Given Durham College’s long history of working with OPG, we look forward to playing a significant role in supporting these important projects.”
- Don Lovisa, President, Durham College

"The economic benefits of this project will span far beyond the Durham region, and will create opportunities throughout Ontario's nuclear supply chain. That means new jobs for Ontarians across the province. Meanwhile the refurbishment will contribute to a reliable energy supply over the long-term."
- Allan O'Dette, President and CEO, Ontario Chamber of Commerce

"The Minister's decision is good news for all of Ontario. Clarington is proud to host Darlington Nuclear, which is recognized as a world class facility. We appreciate and understand the critical economic boost that refurbishment will provide, not just here in Clarington, but in so many communities across Ontario. It's a good day, the announcement confirms the creation of thousands of jobs and means Darlington will continue to provide Ontarians with a low cost source of electricity."
- Adrian Foster, Mayor, Municipality of Clarington

"The Clarington business community is proud to include Darlington Nuclear as part of our team. This industry is not only important to the Region of Durham and the province of Ontario but creates abundant opportunities for businesses of all sizes and sectors in many smaller communities across the province, where the real economic impact is realized."
- Don Rickard, President and Sheila Hall, Executive Director - Clarington Board of Trade and Office of Economic Development

“Today’s announcements, that the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station will be refurbished and the operation of the Pickering Nuclear Station will be extended by four years, are great news for electricity consumers, Ontario’s economy, its workforce, and the battle to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These stations employ thousands of people in high-skilled, good jobs. Thousands more good construction trades jobs and engineering jobs will come with the mid-life Darlington refurbishment project announced today by the Minister. Extending the operation of the Pickering Station by four years will save electricity consumers hundreds of millions of dollars and preserve about 4,500 good jobs here in Durham Region. For over a hundred years, Ontario has produced its own electricity because it underpins the performance and success of our economy. We are very pleased that Ontario’s leadership will carry on that tradition for the benefit of the people of Ontario. This is all very good news for another generation of Ontario’s workforce.”
- Don MacKinnon, President, Power Workers’ Union

“We are a university with strong ties to both our community and to nuclear science, so we know how support for this area's energy sector will strengthen Durham Region and Northumberland County. This announcement also represents an investment in university students, offering ongoing opportunities for UOIT's graduates in nuclear, mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as those in our nuclear safety and radiation science programs.”
- Tim McTiernan, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

"Our community will be well-served by continuing operations at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station. The plant will continue to employ thousands of people in our region and is key part of our government's plan to deliver reliable, emission-free and affordable electricity to communities across the province for decades to come."
- Tracy MacCharles, MPP, Pickering-Scarborough East

"I am very encouraged that studies conducted by the IESO, Ministry of Energy, and Ontario Power Generation indicate that the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station can continue to safely produce clean and reliable energy for the next 10 years and beyond. The continued operation of Pickering means that OPG and its 4500 Pickering employees will remain an integral part of our business community, and as such, we will enjoy the associated economic benefits for many more years to come."
-  Dave Ryan, Mayor, City of Pickering

“Durham Region is Ontario's energy capital and today's announcement is great news for the nearly 100 local companies that are part of the nuclear supply chain, and their employees. It means skilled jobs, it means a strong local economy and it means stable electricity supply.”
-Roger Anderson, Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Durham Region

“This is not only good news for Ontario Power Generation and our members but is positive for electricity ratepayers, too. This agreement will secure a low-cost, stable source of electricity for years to come, while also contributing to our growing economy. The Conference Board of Canada studied this project and found that 95 per cent of the $12.8 billion investment will be spent in Ontario, increasing the province’s GDP by $14.9 billion. The Darlington site is one of the largest sources of carbon-free electricity in Ontario and along with the rest of our nuclear fleet will allow the province to continue to have a modern, clean electricity system that is essential to tackling our short- and long-term climate change targets. Keeping Pickering in service is a smart move. With both Bruce Power and Ontario Power Generation refurbishing their nuclear assets, the only way to meet the province’s greenhouse gas emission targets is to extend the life of Pickering while the early phases of refurbishment are completed.”
-Scott Travers, President, The Society of Energy Professionals

“The refurbishment of Darlington Nuclear Generating Station is great news for the riding of Durham, and for all of Ontario. Durham has long been a proud host community to Darlington, and Ontario Power Generation is well-known as a wonderful corporate citizen in our region. I welcome today’s announcement.”
-Granville Anderson, MPP, Durham

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