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Statement from the Honourable Bob Chiarelli

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Statement from the Honourable Bob Chiarelli

"Duncan Hawthorne's distinguished career and many years of leadership have left a lasting impression here in Ontario and across the international nuclear energy community. 

For more than a decade, Duncan's vision and commitment to excellence transformed Bruce Power into one of North America's leading energy companies with a proud culture of safety, innovation, and continuous improvement that is apparent to anyone who visits the Bruce site. Ontario owes the clean, reliable, and affordable electricity system that we all enjoy in no small part to the revitalization of the Bruce A reactors, which is an important part of Ontario's Long-Term Energy Plan and which Duncan successfully led. Over the years, Bruce Power and the Province of Ontario have grown an association that is unique among public-private partnerships. I recall quite clearly in 2011, when a tsunami hit the eastern coast of Japan, and questions quickly and abundantly arose about the safety of our nuclear stations here at home. Canadians were eagerly and justifiably looking for information and assurance, and it was Duncan who was on television and radio day and night providing that fact-based, plain-language, reassuring presence across the country that all Canadians came to rely on. Ontario will miss Duncan's stewardship of our largest generating station, his thoughtful counsel and steady hand. Despite his retirement as CEO, it is great news that Duncan will continue to play a role in Bruce Power and the Canadian Nuclear Industry. I wish him all the very best in his future endeavours."

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