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Support for: Ontario Investing $100 Million to Help Homeowners Save Energy

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Support for: Ontario Investing $100 Million to Help Homeowners Save Energy

"As a technology company committed to helping customers fight climate change at home, we are thrilled to see this initiative launch today in our home of Ontario. Our smart thermostats deliver homeowners comfort in the rooms that matter most while saving them an average of 23 percent on their heating and cooling bills. We are proud to support this important investment that makes energy efficiency even easier for Ontarians to achieve.

-- Stuart Lombard, CEO of Toronto-based ecobee

"This is exactly the kind of investment Ontario needs to support its efforts to fight climate change and build a low carbon economy. Energy conservation is the cheapest and easiest way to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Investing in conservation can also create jobs, reduce people's energy bills, and stimulate our economy all while making our homes more comfortable. We need more of these types of programs in the months and years ahead."

-- Keith Brooks, Director, Clean Economy Program, Environmental Defence

"Nest is excited to be a part of this important announcement enabling every Ontario household to play a role in energy conservation. The Nest Learning Thermostat creates a custom schedule for the home, turns itself down when everyone's away and has been proven by third-party researchers to save people, on average, about 10 to 12 per cent on their heating and about 15 per cent on their cooling usage. These numbers can translate to 0.5 tonne of carbon reduction per household each year."

-- Ben Bixby, Director of Energy and Enterprise, Nest

 "NAIMA Canada applauds the Government of Ontario's commitment to helping homeowners fight climate change and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through the introduction of a $100 million Home Energy Audit and Retrofit Program. We believe this program will empower Ontarians to make their homes more energy efficient, reduce their carbon footprint, and increase overall property value. The program will also lead to job growth in the residential renovation sector and help to stimulate Ontario's economy."

--Jay Nordenstrom, Executive Director, North American Insulation Manufacturers Association Canada (NAIMA)

" Energy conservation and demand management (CDM) can play a key part in assisting the world to use energy responsibly and to achieve desired environmental and climate change objectives. Energy efficiency programs empower companies like CLEAResult to not only create jobs but also to build strong employee competencies in sustainable practices and energy innovation"

-- Guru Kalyanraman, Vice President, CLEAResult

"Our core business is to deliver natural gas, but on the path to a greener future, delivering more conservation is part of the solution.  To date, our retrofit program has resulted in reducing participating customers' energy use by 25 to 50 per cent.  Expanding energy efficiency programs is the right policy - it will save consumers money and reduce emissions."

-- Glenn Beaumont, President, Enbridge Gas Distribution

"Energy conservation is an effective, proven, long-term solution to lower energy costs and gives Ontario residents results where they have the most impact - money in the pocket. For almost two decades, Union Gas has been a proven leader in delivering energy-efficiency programs such as home renovation rebates. Overall, that represents reduced emissions that are the equivalent of taking 2.5 million cars off Ontario's roads for a year. And in that time, we've helped reduce our average customer's consumption by about one-third, saving them about $250 a year."

-- Steve Baker, President of Union Gas

"Opower applauds the Government of Ontario for making a bold new commitment to invest in energy efficiency efforts that will help citizens take control of their home heating bills and further lower carbon emissions across the province."

-- Alex Laskey, President and Co-Founder, Opower, Inc.

"We're pleased that the government recognizes energy efficiency as the fastest, cheapest way to reduce carbon emissions. Strategic incentives can stimulate retrofits and help homeowners reduce energy waste, their carbon footprint, and improve comfort and property value. To meet Ontario's ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets, a long-term effort is needed to retrofit all our buildings."

-- Julia Langer, CEO, Toronto Atmospheric Fund

"Today's announcement builds upon an impressive track record of leadership shown by this government on climate action, ranging from coal phase-out to electric vehicles. The program will also deliver cleaner air and healthier communities. Home energy audits and retrofits require skilled, knowledge-based workers, and this investment will result in more jobs and economic growth for Ontario."

-- Bob Oliver, Chief Technology Advisor, Pollution Probe

"CME supports the Green Investment Fund which will further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stimulate economic development. Today's announcement will benefit clean tech and other manufacturers of energy efficient products and technologies. The resulting decrease in natural gas consumption from residential consumers also has a moderating effect that will help sustain the relatively low prices, thereby benefiting the manufacturing sector more broadly."

-- Ian Howcroft, Vice President, CME Ontario

"Investing in home energy retrofits is a triple win.  It reduces home energy use (and bills), cuts greenhouse gases, and puts people to work doing the upgrades.  That is a smart investment in building a cleaner, stronger Ontario economy."

-- Stewart Elgie‎ Professor of Law & Economics, University of Ottawa, Chair, Sustainable Prosperity (an economic think tank)



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