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Support For Ontario Launching New Competition for Renewable Energy Projects

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Support For Ontario Launching New Competition for Renewable Energy Projects

"Ontario is leading the pack in renewable energy -- delivering jobs and success in a low-carbon economy. Today's announcement is timely and guarantees that Ontarians will reap the benefits of clean energy now and in the future so we don't have to increase our reliance on sources of electricity that pollute our air."
-- Sarah Petrevan, Clean Energy Canada

"The Municipality of Chatham-Kent has played a major role in the Province's overall Climate Change Mitigation Strategy to shut-down coal-fired generation facilities. Today, wind projects operating in the municipality total 916 MW of installed capacity which represents 21% of the installed capacity in Ontario and 8% in Canada. The last competitive bidding results, through the LRP RFP process, saw two additional projects receive contracts that will see total installed wind capacity within the Municipality of Chatham-Kent climb to 1,126 MW upon completion. Like many other rural communities in the province, the costs involved to operate the municipality continue to rise and the +$2 million per year received through annual tax assessment help pay for crucial infrastructure and other expenses related to providing the services our citizens require. The many companies that have decided to invest in Chatham-Kent's Green Energy initiatives have proven to be good corporate citizens by getting involved in the community and sponsoring numerous projects since our first wind project was commissioned in 2008. The Municipality of Chatham-Kent will continue to work with industries that have a goal to make our environment cleaner and more sustainable for future generations."
-- Mayor Randy Hope, Municipality of Chatham-Kent

"It's crucial for governments to support and invest in renewable energy to combat climate change. We need to stop using fossil fuels and shift to clean energy instead. Ontario is making this shift. The province phased out coal and became a North American green energy leader. Today's announcement commits the province to continuing that leadership, which is good news for the environment and for the tens of thousands of people employed in Ontario's renewable energy industry."
-- Keith Brooks, Clean Economy Program Director, Environmental Defence

 "Siemens Canada applauds the Government of Ontario for its continued commitment to low-cost renewable energy. The last round of procurement demonstrated wind power is a cost effective part of the province's energy future. Support for the industry is one of the reasons we chose Ontario to be the home of our wind turbine blade manufacturing facility in Tillsonburg, employing approximately 300 people. We look forward to future projects that will help sustain and grow green manufacturing jobs in Ontario."
-- David Hickey, Vice President, Wind Power and Renewables, Siemens Canada Limited

"The announcement of LRP II creates an opportunity for tens of thousands of new person-hours of work in the construction industry over the next few years. It's a significant shot in the arm for construction!"
 -- Ian Cunningham, President, Council of Ontario Construction Associations

"GE applauds and supports Ontario in its ongoing mission to diversify its energy mix. Renewable energy has become a mainstream source of power, and at GE we are focused on building the next generation of industrial and digital technology for the wind industry. We are excited to support the Ontario procurement program, and we look forward to the continued expansion of wind technology in Canada and around the world."
-- Anne McEntee, President & CEO, Onshore Wind, GE Renewable Energy

"This is excellent news for Ontario and its leading wind industry. With a successful LRP1 focused on community engagement, these directives could not come at a better time to support Ontario's climate change commitments. From Senvion's perspective, we welcome these news and look forward to working with the Ministry of Energy, IESO, and industry members to ensure another successful 600 MW installed in Ontario."
-- Helmut Herold, CEO, Senvion in North America

"ENERCON is committed to initiatives that reduce CO2 emissions. It is the central vision upon which the founder of ENERCON, Dr. Aloys Wobben, pursued wind energy. The continued commitment by the Province of Ontario to procure new renewables, including 600 MW of new wind power, represents an alignment of goals. We applaud Minister Chiarelli and the Ministry or Energy for taking this step. With longer design life of wind turbines and improved grid integration capabilities, the wind farms of tomorrow will operate longer and more efficiently thus providing some of the most cost-effective energy solution that can be deployed in a reliable manner. ENERCON looks forward to working with the Ontario government to take advantage of the wind farms of tomorrow. The evolution of renewables into the broader energy sector has already begun in jurisdictions around the world. As such, ENERCON also wishes to encourage bold steps in expanding the role wind energy can play in providing zero-emission electricity to sectors such as industry and transportation. We look forward to continue being part of Ontario's green future."
-- Hassan Shahriar, Senior Commercial Manager, ENERCON Canada Inc.

"Ontario's support of wind energy has been instrumental in Vestas' ability to install more than 700 MW in the province, nearly 3,000 MW throughout Canada, and employ more than 300 people in Canada. This second LRP sends a strong signal that Ontario will continue to lead in deploying clean, low cost wind energy, to the mutual benefit of rate payers, communities, businesses and the environment. With a cost of energy that has decreased by 60% since 2009, wind is both the environmental and economical solution to Ontario's energy needs. Vestas looks forward to working with industry partners, the Ontario government, the IESO and the local communities, to ensure cost-competitive wind is delivered to the province."
-- Chris Brown, CEO, Vestas North America

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