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Mineral Development Strategy 10-Point Action Plan

Archived Backgrounder

Mineral Development Strategy 10-Point Action Plan

The Mineral Development Strategy consists of four strategic priorities with a 10-point action plan to support these priorities.

A Competitive and Innovative Industry

Entrenching Ontario's reputation as the leading mining jurisdiction in the world by:

  1. Attracting jobs and investment
  2. Fostering a culture of innovation
  3. Increasing mineral discovery rates
  4. Improving our cost competitiveness

A Safe and Environmentally Responsible Industry

Guiding Ontario's mineral sector as smart, sustainable and environmentally conscious by:

  1. Enhancing worker health and safety further across the industry
  2. Protecting the environment, reducing the impacts of exploration and mining and addressing climate change

An Industry that is Efficiently and Effectively Regulated

Providing greater certainty for the mining industry by:

  1. Improving regulatory efficiency, predictability and transparency

An Industry that Provides Growth and Prosperity

Supporting a healthy, competitive mineral sector to build a strong, prosperous economy for today and tomorrow by:

  1. Enhancing Aboriginal voices and meaningful participation in economic development
  2. Establishing socio-economic conditions needed to advance major mining projects
  3. Building a highly skilled workforce